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Are you tired of looking at your vintage coats hanging in your cupboard, or have they been passed down to your grandmother’s fur coat for years and wonder if you should get rid of them? When your furs run out of style, and no longer appeal to you, instead of discarding them, consider ways of fur restyles and remodeling that adds a style statement to your entire winter outlook.

Furs remain a valuable item whether you have recently purchased them, or have them for many years. The ever-glamorous and chic look of fur is the reason why this piece of clothing will always remain in style. Furs that are well maintained can be restyled even after a decade. With the winter season on its way, it’s the best time that you extend the life of your newly owned or pre-loved  fur garments by remodeling and restyling them, and making them modern, exciting, and fashionable.

Here are a few ways you can give a new life to your fur coats and garments by restyling and remodeling them.


How Can You Do Fur Restyles and Remodeling this Winter

1. Make It a Jacket

If your style leans towards an edgy and modern chic look, then you can customize your old fur coats into a jacket. Turning your fur coat into a fur jacket is the perfect way to repurpose your coat. A fur heavy fur coat, when revamped as a jacket, can instantly up your fashion game. To give it a more modern look, you can pair your fur jacket with jeans and boots and instantly give it a chic look.

Fur restyle and remodeling


2. Shorten the Length to Make a Car Coat

Long fur coats are heavy and difficult to carry. Trimming your coat to knee-length can seem like a minor remodeling, but it can greatly contribute to giving your overall attire a modern look. Car coats are not only trendy, but they are also fuss-free and easy to manage. Remodel that old hanging coat into a car coat today to make a style statement this winter.


Fur restyle and remodeling


3. Add a Detachable Hood


If you have a must-have jacket for every winter, but it is now worn and out of fashion, you can remodel it this time to give it a completely new look. To add some oomph to your vintage fur jackets and bring it back in style, you can remodel them by adding a detachable hood. A hood gives it a modern outlook and adds depth to the jacket, while keeping you cozy during the chilly winter season.


Fur restyle and remodeling

4. Restyle it into a Classic Design

If you are scared of ruining your old precious fur pieces, remodeling the coat doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul. To retain its glamorous and elegant look, you can always restyle it to give it a more classic appearance. Adorning fur with a classic design can never go out of fashion. To make your look stand out this winter, you can choose to go classic, or you can completely customize your old fur coat to give it a timeless style. Fur restyles and remodeling become a lot more fun when you can turn it into a creative process!

Fur restyle and remodeling

5. Turn it into a Gillet


Another way you can restyle your old fur garment is by turning it into a fitted vest or gilet. A fur coat restyled as a gilet will not only enhance your style quotient, but will also brighten up any dull or boring outfit. Taking inspiration from modern fashion, this pink Marc Kaufman vest is a perfect example of how you can turn your long, heavy coats into well-fitted gilets.

Fur restyle and remodeling

6. Remodeling the Shoulders


If you want to keep yourself warm this winter but also don’t want to wear the old coats and jackets, don’t go back to those boring sweaters, jackets, and cardigans. You can opt for complete fur restyle and remodeling by adding a new shoulder look to your old fur garments. By adding a little fluff to the shoulder of your coat or jacket, you can give it a touch of extravagance and luxury that never goes out of style.


Fur restyle and remodeling


7. Narrow the Sleeves for Modern Look


There was a time when long, wide sleeves were in fashion, but no longer. Although the wide sleeves add an oomph to the coats, they may not suit everyone’s style. This winter, you can choose to add a chic look to all your old fur coats by changing the shape of the sleeves. You can make them narrower and even shorten them to create a new look. A coat with  narrow sleeves doesn’t hinder  your movement and is much easier to carry than a heavy coat with wide sleeves.


Fur restyle and remodeling


8. Repurpose It as Stoles and Ponchos

An old fur coat remodeled as a stole or poncho looks glamorous, trendy, and fashionable. Capes, stoles, or ponchos are a timeless option for fur lovers who love to stay on top of high fashion. You can add quality to your simple attire by pairing it with a trendy poncho or stole. By adding that extra layer, you can up your fashion statement and utilize your old fur garments. Marc Kaufman Furs also offers a variety of accessories that can help you glam up the entire look.

Fur restyle and remodeling


9. Use Fur for Lining Non-Fur


If you don’t want to remodel your fur coats, you can utilize them to add a statement to your non-fur pieces. Fur restyles and remodeling doesn’t always have to be drastic. You can give a new life to your non-fur garments by turning your long heavy coats into a lining for your regular summer jackets or coats. By doing so, you can also utilize your summer garments in winter.


Fur restyle and remodeling

10. Restyle It by Shearing

Just about any fur can be sheared. Fur restyles and remodeling becomes more fun when you can make it easy to wear and chic to look. Sheering is a process through which you can cut back the heavy fur and you’re left with only soft under hair. A sheer coat is extremely soft to touch and is often more appealing to wear for daily use. It gives your old coats not only a lighter overall look, but also makes them more manageable.

Fur restyle and remodeling


Bottom Line

Instead of throwing away all your old furs, try the mentioned fur restyles and remodeling tricks that can add a value to you old fur pieces. By restyling and remodeling your fur garments, you can give them a new life and convert your fur clothing into statement pieces. Since fur never goes out of fashion because of its durability and elegance, using these restyling tips can up your fashion game this winter.