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Fur – Hot Trend For Fall/ Winter

Grey Fox and Blue Finnish Raccoon Fur Coat exclusively from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC

Fur is a hot trend for the current season. At least one third of designers used it in their collections. Natural fur, artificial fur, red fur, green fur, fur outfits or fur details – all these are top trendy. And if you like fur it’s high time you got a few garments made of it.

With my own views closer and closer to vegetarian I can’t advise you to wear natural fur but who am I to forbid that to you? However, I do believe that both natural and artificial fur looks chic and beautiful. And there is no chance I would deny the fact it’s very warm that means it’s perfect for winter. So, no matter what you think about this trend it is still a trend. And here I am to show you how you can wear it.

It would be fair to start from Chanel as Karl Lagerfeld literally based his Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 range on fur. He created fur coats and pants, skirts and hats, high boots and gloves. If he used other materials he still put fur into the garments. Fur on sleeves, collars and handbags help me prove my words.

Marc Jacobs wasn’t as fur generous but he abounded his designs with fur, too. Having focused on collars and lower sleeves Marc did a great job to integrate the hot trend into his collection.

Etro used various colors of fur in their Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 range and each looked interesting. I like the bright red tails on the pant suit a lot.

Speaking about colors I should mention Anna Sui who is famous for designing casual dresses of vibrant tones. For her Fall/ Winter 2010/ 2011 collection she used orange, black, red, green and other hues of fur.

Most designers used fur to add luxury to their creations. Nina Ricci is a good example of this. The garments that looked great on their own turned into works of art when fur was attached to those.

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