Dress to impress business

Dress to impress

Dress to impress“.This is a term often used to encourage others to present themselves in the best light. The fashion component of one’s exterior is one of  a few seen as a gateway to his/her overall persona. Believe it,or not. Like it, or not. The dress to impress mantra is still viewed as an operationally sound mechanism for determining the overall persona of an individual in 2106. Below are a few examples of the “dress to impress’ cadre.

The Business Millenials :

Dress To Impress suits

The new and burgeoning class of young professionals (millenials) are carving out their own dress to impress standard. There is a retro meets nuevo 2016 mindset in their wardrobe arsenals. This is an eclectic group to begin with. The use of fitted euro-centric suits, adorned with vests and classic French cuffs (both men and women) are just an example of the new, hybrid, dress to impress business class.

The Business Woman 2.0 :

Dress to impress business woman

Dress to impress business woman

The dress to impress business woman 2.0 is here to correct the fashion record for 2016. There are inspirational elements that harken back to a time period of elegant practicality.   The contemporary color scheme and fit married with classic textiles sets the 2016 business woman apart from her predecessors. Sexy woman candidates,take heed, and follow.

Red Carpet Presentation : Do not forget your fur!

Dress to impress fur

Dress To impress

Dress to impress has never been more vaunted an ideal than on any given red carpet. Award ceremonies, televised for public consumption, are replete with beautiful people adorned in their very best formal ( and not so formal ) attire. The blinding flash bulb array from the paparazzi lends credence to the fact that a dress to impress mindset is necessary to thrive in such an environment as a celebrity persona. Marilyn Monroe always got this part right.Thus,we pay homage to her red carpet presence in the above image. Marilyn’s signature entrance in fur shawl is legendary.Fur, when styled appropriately, completes the red carpet affect. When you are ready for your red carpet arrival, seek out Marc Kaufman Furs. Marc Kaufman Furs represents the best in fur apparel. His high end variety is second to none. Feel free to review this fur collection at Marc kaufman Furs online, Marc Kaufman Furs on Facebook , or Marc Kaufman Furs NYC on Instagram.

Remember, dress to impress is more than a tag line.It is a form of expression, generally tied to one’s persona..and a way forward in competitive markets.

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