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Few events in life deserve to be celebrated as much as a couple’s engagement. However, searching for a gift for a newly engaged couple might be far more complex than shopping for a wedding gift! Although engagement gifts are not essential, it is a lovely gesture for visitors to bring a gift to an engagement party or send something sweet to the happy couple when they announce their news.

Whatever the special occasion is, your gift hunt just ended by landing on this page. In this blog, we will give you the six best gift ideas that your fiancé will love. So read till the end as the ideas will get better and better!

A Unisex Perfume

Indeed, gifting someone a perfume is quite common. But, there is a specific sentiment behind this gift. Giving your fiancé a fragrance or scent they will love can certainly make your bond stronger. Furthermore, it is even better if you gift them a unisex perfume. This way, both of you can use it and own the particular scent as your own. For instance, the Le Labo Santal 33 is a long-lasting concoction of floral notes with some spice-infused sandalwood and cedarwood. Indeed, your fiancé will absolutely fall in love with this perfume!


Le Labo Santal 33

A Pair of Designer Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a necessity for hot, sunny days. Not only that but sunglasses are also worn as a fashion statement by many. In particular, designer sunglasses are undoubtedly chic and glamorous and make everyone and anyone look great. For instance, these Celine Baby Audrey black round-frame sunglasses are the perfect gift for your fiancé!


Celine Baby Audrey Black Round-Frame Sunglasses

Opal Earrings

Jewelry with special stones is certainly unique. There are many stones you can choose from – possibly your fiancé’s birthstone. You will find jewelry made of out any stone your fiancé likes. Indeed, this is a unique way of making your fiancé happy. For instance, these white Opal earrings are stunning and will make for the perfect gift. These earrings will certainly make your fiancé love you even more.


White Opal Earrings 14K Gold Opal

A Gorgeous Fur Coat

Perhaps the best gift you can give to your fiancé is a luxury fur coat. Yes, it is a costly one, but the price of real fur is worth it. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about fur going out of fashion as it will remain fashionable forever. This is one of the many advantages of fur. Your fiancé can wear it and look stylish whenever they want.

Not only is it fashionable, but it is hot – and comfortable too. Also, another great thing about fur coats is that they can be worn at anytime and anywhere (in the winter, of course!) Therefore, there is no event to which a fur coat won’t be appropriate. This is another reason why furs never go out of fashion. Therefore, we genuinely believe a fur coat makes for the perfect gift for your fiancé. For instance, this full-length white fox coat is certainly a gift your fiancé will enjoy and appreciate.

Full-Length White Fox Coat on Isabella Adkins

Image alt text: Isabella Adkins looks chic as she pairs her white fox coat with a brown dress

A Beautiful Silk Dress

Silk dresses are the epitome of beauty and elegance. They look fabulous no matter who is wearing them. Indeed, a beautiful silk dress does wonders to everyone’s body – it looks flattering on everyone. For instance, this gorgeous dark gray silk dress is undoubtedly one of the most premium dresses out there. It is incredibly chic, and your fiancé can even wear it on a date night you plan – be it at a bar or a fancy restaurant.

Dark Gray Silk Dress

A Pair of Manolo Blahniks

Although quite expensive, a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes are the ultimate premium gift for your fiance. They are the epitome of fashion – no one can deny how absolutely gorgeous, luxurious, and glamorous a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes are. Indeed, if you were to get these for your fiance, we assure you she will be at the top of this world. For example, these stunning blue Manolo Blahnik shoes are incredibly fabulous. Once you gift this to your fiance, be ready to see these on her feet almost everywhere you go!

Blue Manolo Blahnik Shoes

The Bottom Line

In this blog, you learned about six things you can gift your fiancé. Then, imagine how happy you’ll make them by buying them an expensive gift like a classy fur coat, designer sunglasses, or a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Marc Kaufman Furs is always here to help you find the best Mother’s Day gift for your mother – fur. We have an extensive collection of fur coats, jackets, accessories, ponchos, and much. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website now and choose a luxurious, unique gift to give your fiancé and show them your love!