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Hot Spots to Shop In NYC Stores You Must See

Look like a celebrity in this Tortoise Shell Hooded Mink Stroller from Marc Kaufman Furs‘ collection

Antique Boutique – 712/714 Broadway, 212-460-8830.
Another large shop with modest prices. Formerly specialized in vintage clothing, has sinced moved the collection to the basement.

Betsey Johnson – 130 Thompson Street, 212-420-0169.
This venerable designer has had her doors open since the seventies. Betsey offers flashy garments for the fashion-conscious young woman. While prices are not stratospheric, Filene’s Basement this store is not.

Bloomingdales – 1000 Third Avenue, 212-335-5900.
Another classic and gargantuan department store in Manhattan, Bloomie’s carries a vast selection of assorted goods. Chances are this store has what you’re looking for, especially if you’re in the market for cosmetics or expensive clothing.

Canal Jeans – 504 Broadway, 212-226-1130.
A virtual warehouse of inexpensive clothing. With a little time and patience, you can find some goodies here. Specialities: jeans (as the name says), T-shirts, vintage clothing, fun jewelery and accesories.

Marc Kaufman Furs NYC-  212-563-3877
For the largest selection of fashionable furs at affordable prices, this fur store is a must to visit..kaufmanfurs.com

Grey Fox and Blue Finnish Raccoon Fur Coat exclusively from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC

Macy’s – 151 West 34th Street, 212-695-4400/212-494-5151.
Macy’s claims to be the biggest department store in the world. For that matter, it may well also be the world’s most expensive. As the big store’s finances have worsened in recent years, it’s reduced-price sales have become fewer and further between. A note of caution: Watch out for the perfume-sprayers. In a word: duck..

Manic Panic – 64 White Street, 212-254-5517.
Still run by Tish and Snooky of Sick F**cks fame (the band, that is), but it’s been a few centuries since I’ve been in the shop. Great place to pick up a little day-glo hair dye or infra-red nail polish. Who says New Yorkers all dress in black.

Patricia Field Shop – 10 East 8th Street, 212-254-1699.
Sort of a smaller sister to Trash & Vaudeville, though a smidgen less raw in flavor and a smidgen higher in price. You may have to deal with sales help that’s somewhat aloof, but that just seems to be the price of finding a good plastic jumpsuit these days.

Purple Passion – 242 West 16th Street, 212-807-0486.
International collection of fetish fashion. Features designs of Catherine Coatney, Naughty Lola and more. Friendly, courteous S&M staff at your service. Open seven days, noon to 7 p.m.

Reminiscence – 50 West 23rd Street, 212-243-2292.
Interesting collection of new and retro clothing in a comfortable, clean setting. Also carries an assortment of non-apparel oddities and ornaments.

See Hear – 59 East 7th Street, 212-505-9781.
Best place in town for fanzines and other homespun literature. Racks are stuffed with every kind of grass-roots rock & roll publication under the sun.

Strand Book Store – 826 Broadway, 212-473-1489.
Reputed to be the largest second-hand bookstore in the world. Along these lines, the selection is enormous, if not a bit overwhelming, and reasonably priced. For a few bucks, you could easily walk out with a hardcover classic or two, or perhaps a couple of paperback novels.

Trash & Vaudeville – 4 St. Marks Place, 212-982-3590.
Two floors of alternative-styled clothing: Bloomingdale’s of the rock world. Leather pants, animal skins, imported shoes, rubber shirts and T-shirts of every variety. Plus plenty of headbangingly loud music at hand to enhance your shopping experience.

Marc Kaufman (left) with legendary NY Jets quarterback “Broadway Joe” Namath

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