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With wintery chills beginning to embrace us this holiday season, it is time for us to dust off the coats and furs we put in storage last year. If you’re worried about whether your furs will be trendy this season, you don’t have to worry. This year’s Paris Fashion Week was proof that coats with fur hoods will be back in style this winter season.

There was a point in time when owning a fur coat was the highest form of luxury. Not just this, but fur clothing has long been regarded as a status symbol for people at different points in history.

Even today, fur is known to be one of the most iconic displays of luxury, sense of style, and even their status in society. Fur is luxurious, sensual, and classy, but most of all, it means serious business when it comes to sending out a message. Considering the value people place in fur coats, it’s not surprising to find people questioning how long they last. Let’s discuss.

How Do I Choose the Best Fur Coat?

Have you ever witnessed someone trying to figure out what type of car they want to buy? Tough talk, right? Choosing the right fur for you is just like choosing the right car. Since most of us cannot afford a separate car for every transportation need, we prioritize the most important ones and buy accordingly.

For furs, it is just the same scenario, and unless we can buy a different fur for every occasion, we must choose wisely and with our own lifestyles in mind. Let’s take a look at a few things we need to keep in mind while buying fur coats for women:

● They Should Keep Us Warm

Is being and staying warm the most important thing that you look for in a coat? We suggest you research what mushers, arctic explorers, and ice fishermen use in their daily lives. However, during moderate winter weather, the most fashionable furs will keep you warm while still looking fantastic.

● They Should Keep Us Dry

Staying dry is imperative for staying warm because being wet increases the impact of chilly winds significantly. If you are expecting rain, avoid under-furs that tend to absorb moisture and are not covered by dense fur. Fur with a lot of long guard hairs is a good option if you expect your clothing to get wet.

● They Should Be Good-Looking

For those seeking something unique, scientific advancements have provided designers with more creative freedom than ever before. Shearing, leathering, knitting, intarsia, dyeing, and a variety of other techniques have been used to modernize a classic fur coat. When it comes to appearance, different people have varying preferences, and they must choose what looks good on them after they try it on.


● They Fit the Budget That We Have In Mind

A full-length fur coat will probably be more expensive than a fur jacket and a jacket more than a fur vest. This is why many people don’t invest in a larger piece as their first fur purchase. Smaller accessories like scarves and cuffs are great, especially for those on a budget. Also, these smaller pieces are not necessarily warm, making them suitable in other seasons as well.



How Long Would My Fur Coat Last?

In today’s world, as the trends suggest, fur clothes do not have to be worn only on special occasions. In terms of design and personality, today’s fur fashions are quite different. While full-length coats may be appropriate for some, a lightweight sheared fur cropped jacket, a fur-lined leather motorcycle jacket, or even a fur-trimmed accessory may be preferable.

Fur is an organic substance that degrades over time. There are various strategies to keep your fur looking great and lasting as long as possible. A fur garment can survive for generations if properly cared for. The most important parts of fur maintenance are proper storage and conditioning.

How Can I Make My Fur Coat Last Longer?

We are certain that at some time in life, you have heard of someone who received a beautiful fur coat from a late relative. This individual may have inherited the coats with fur hoods from a former owner. When buying fur coats for women, it is important to know how to care for them properly so you can pass it down to future generations. Not just this, if you want your coats to last you a long time, the following are some of the things that you need to be careful of:

● Provide the Coats With a Certain Level of Moisture

Moisture is required for the storage of fur coats, but the amount required is very particular. If you do not get enough moisture, your coat’s fur will get brittle and snap, and the leather will crack, rendering the coat impossible to save or restore.

● Hang Your Coats Properly in Designated Places

While you should never store your mink fur coat at home in summer, make sure you hang it appropriately if you do. The shoulders of your fur coat will deform if you hang it on a regular hanger, and the garment will no longer fit properly.

● Check Them Regularly For Damages

No matter how well-protected, fur coats for women are vulnerable to natural aging and wear and tear. This is why you should always double-check your coat before putting it on. Take action as soon as you see something is not quite right.

The Bottom-Line

Take your time when choosing the best fur coats for you. You can take our word for the fact that the variety of types and styles available in the market for coats will astound you. However, the research, or window shopping, itself is enjoyable as well. The new generation of designers is making it even more difficult for us to be able to choose the perfect coats with their amazing designs and outlooks on fashion. Good luck with getting yourself the perfect piece!