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How to Dress Up as Your Favorite Celebrities This Winter

As winter approaches us, so does the season of beautiful looks from our favorite celebrities. With how much destruction the COVID-19 pandemic brought, we certainly saw something similar to an intermission in the fashion industry. People around the world went into isolation, including celebrities. Therefore, we did not have any fashion inspiration for a good few months that would help us get dressed. The last year was full of slippers and sweatpants as we did not get dressed up to go anywhere. However, 2021 has been quite the opposite for us.How to dress up as your favorite celebrities this winter. Here is the guide.

Since this year started, people worldwide started wearing the clothes they missed out on last year. Furthermore, we have had the MTV awards, Grammys, the Met Gala, and various other award shows and events that were attended by our favorite celebrities. Through these events, we saw Hollywood stars, musicians, and influencers wear the latest fashion trends, which will definitely help us decide our clothes for this winter.

Since the start of this year, our favorite celebrities have served some humble, hot looks that will be our style inspiration this winter. Indeed, with the help of the looks celebrities donned, dressing up can be easier for us. So, not only are we prepared to rock winter outfits, but we will be staying away from loungewear for some time. How to dress up as your favorite. Loungewear has certainly got some bad memories attached to it for us, and it will stay that way for a few more months. Therefore, all we want to do is wear the latest and hottest fashion trends for now.

While we have a lot to make up for all the time lost due to COVID-19, there is certainly nothing that can stop us from dressing up as our favorite celebrities this winter. Therefore, if you want to look your best this winter season, here are our favorite looks by some of our favorite stars for some inspiration.

  • Kendall Jenner

Indeed, one of the hottest supermodels of this era is the one and only Kendall Jenner. The brunette beauty is certainly one of the most gorgeous ladies out there. But, in addition to being the most beautiful, she has perfected the effortless chic look for this era. From her low-waisted jeans to her leopard print turtleneck, the girl surely knows how to rock a flawless outfit.

This winter, wear your favorite straight denim and a basic-colored t-shirt with this black shearling full-length fur coat to rock Kendall Jenner’s style. Not only will you stay warm, but you will look as cool as the supermodel.

Women's Black Shearling Full Length Coat Detachable Hood

Women’s Black Shearling Full-Length Fur Coat

Image alt text: a woman looks chic in her shearling fur coat and white jordans

Zayn Malik street style

Kendall Jenner street style

  • Taylor Swift

The queen of country music has indeed won numerous hearts around the world. With bangers such as the entirety of her latest album Folklore, she has influenced the music industry significantly. However, she is not just famous for her music. Taylor Swift has been a fan favorite when it comes to fashion. She has stepped out wearing some of the most gorgeous outfits, and we definitely feel like stealing her style this winter. How to dress up as your favorite. For instance, this plaid mid-length coat on a classic little black dress and some black stilettos is certainly one of the cutest outfits we have seen in a while. Indeed, we want to look as beautiful as Taylor Swift this winter. No wonder she has become a fashion icon in recent years.

Zayn Malik street style

Taylor Swift street style

  • Jacob Elordi

We are sure the Kissing Booth series has been watched by many, even though we are pretty old for a teenage romcom. However, the best thing to come out of the three-part series is the Aussie legend Jacob Elordi. The Australian has made quite a name for himself for his good looks, his acting in Euphoria, and for the fact that he is Kaia Gerber’s boyfriend. But, many have praised him for his taste in fashion too!

The man certainly knows how to perfectly put together a chic, laidback, but hot outfit. For instance, this white tank and wide pants are perfect for us millennials. Furthermore, if you want to turn it into a more winter wearable outfit, pair it with this microfiber jacket with a shearling lining. Indeed, this is one of the chicest winter outfits ever!

Zayn Malik street style

Jacob Elordi street style

Microfiber Jacket with a Shearling

Men’s Microfiber Jacket with a Shearling Lining

Image alt text: man looks handsome in his shearling lining jacket and light denim

The heartthrob that left our hearts broken in 2015 when he decided to quit One Direction is certainly one of the most stylish celebrities out there. Although Zayn Malik does not appear in public much, we know how good his fashion is. Indeed, he has served some of the chicest, outstanding, and hottest looks since 2010. In 2021, the new father stepped out in New York City wearing a simple but one of the chicest outfits ever. The man never fails us. How to dress up as your favorite. His outfit consisting of light denim, a black t-shirt, and a corduroy jacket, is undoubtedly a classic. Pair this with your favorite tractor boots for the perfect celebrity-inspired winter outfit!

Zayn Malik street style

Zayn Malik street style


Celebrities are the pioneers of new fashion trends. Every time our favorite celebrities step out, we are intrigued to see what they will be wearing. So many of the most significant fashion trends have come and gone because of these stars. Indeed, they are those who can make a trend happen or fail.

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