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Depending on your city, the arrival of spring means that you may not need your fur coat for some time. In the meantime, you have to make sure that it is stored and preserved properly so you can continue to take advantage of its beauty, comfort, and warmth in the next winter season.

Real fur is different from other types of clothes. While it is easy to replace a standard coat, you cannot do the same with a real fur coat because the latter is too expensive to be ignored. Additionally, you have to remember that, unlike other clothing, certain factors in play can damage real fur. Here is how to store a fur coat at home.

Although we recommend storing fur at a temperature around 50 degrees with approximately 50% humidity, professional cold fur storage vaults may not be accessible in your area, that’s why this article was written. However, for optimal care and to ensure the longevity of your precious fur, consider Marc Kaufman Furs’ professional fur storage services. Our specialized fur storage facilities are designed to protect your investment against damage and deterioration. Contact us today to learn more about our fur storage options!

a guide for storing fur

1. Choose a Dark Spot to Store a Fur Coat

The combination of direct sunlight and fur does not create a positive result. Frequent sunlight exposure can damage the quality of fur. Therefore, the best way to store a fur coat at home is to keep it in a dark location. For instance, people often use those closets that are away from direct sunlight, like a hallway closet. Conversely, don’t store it at any location which is close to your windows.

2. Plan Cold Storage for Fur Coats

Selecting the correct storage is crucial to preserve your fur coat. Ideally, it would be best if you crossed off the hot areas in your home. When a fur coat is exposed to heat, it dries both the leather and fur, resulting in permanent damage to the fur.

The lower the temperature, the better the condition of your fur coat. Thus, keep in mind that naturally, cold storage for fur coats is quite effective. Look for an area in your home that is either naturally cool or where you have installed an air conditioner. For instance, you can store your fur coat in a closet or on the first floor where a central AC can keep it cool and dry. More importantly, when the summer season arrives, you have to be extra cautious regarding cold storage for coats in the hottest months of the season.

3. Opt against Humid Locations

As a fur wearer, it is important to understand what types of conditions and factors can inflict devastating effects on your fur. As such, other than heat, you also have to factor in humidity which is known to damage real fur. When fur comes in contact with humidity for a long period, it can dry off its natural oils.

Sometimes, while contemplating cold storage for fur coats, homeowners use basements as storage spaces. This is done because of the cooler temperatures in the basements. However, they are unable to assess the impact of the high humidity that is usually common in basements. As a result, the condition of the fur deteriorates.

Therefore, avoid fur storage in locations prone to substantial amounts of humidity. Additionally, experts recommend the use of a dehumidifier for those rooms that are used for fur storage. Bear in mind that 45-55% humidity is considered ideal to store a fur coat at home.

4. Avoid Using Moth Balls and Cedar Closets

To ward off threats like pests and rodents, many people turn to mothballs as a safety measure. But what if the safety measure itself can damage the fur coat? The use of cedar blocks is equally troubling.

So, why exactly are these materials detrimental to the fur coats? Both mothballs and cedar blocks can increase humidity levels rapidly, thereby causing direct damage to the fur coat. Moreover, these materials come with a strong, unshakable odor. When fur coats are stored with mothballs or cedar, they can also absorb their odor. Unfortunately, once this happens, it is going to take a lot of effort to eliminate the stench from your fur coat.

As a replacement of mothballs, you can place lavender sachets in your fur storage space to prevent pests and rodents from damaging your fur. Lavender is commonly used to repel insects from bed sheets and clothes and it is placed in storage spaces like closets and dressers. Moreover, you do not have to struggle with odor as it releases a pleasant smell.

5. Choose the Correct Hanger

You cannot just hang your fur coat like other clothes. The choice of the wrong hanger can tarnish the quality of your fur coat. Therefore, select a broad-shouldered hanger that is capable enough to withstand your coat’s complete weight.

6. Select a Cloth Bag

Sometimes, fur wearers use plastic bags to store fur at home—a major mistake. You have to understand that real furs have to breathe, which means that you cannot use plastics to store your fur coats as they can dry them off. Instead, you can use cotton sheets or garments that are fur-friendly. Additionally, make sure that the size of your bag is not exact-fit; it should be larger to ensure that your fur can “breathe” easily. If you are unsure about where to get a fur bag, purchase Marc Kaufman furs which are not only one of the best furs out there but also offer a high-quality fur bag.

7. Do Not Overfill the Closet

Refrain from overfilling your closet with fur coats—a fur coat is not supposed to be forcefully pushed into an already-packed closet. Fur coats require a bit of room space or else they may get damaged. You can either free up space from your closet or choose another suitable space.

8. Contact Professional Furrier

If you have still any questions about how to store a fur coat at home, you can either visit or contact Marc Kaufman Furs. Marc Kaufman has been a furrier for the last 150 years. In fifteen decades, they have become one of the leading fur experts in the region. Therefore, buy Marc Kaufman furs to ensure your fur enthusiasm does not hit any stumbling blocks.

Remember, the best way to store fur coats to preserve their beauty and longevity is by entrusting them to professionals. Discover Marc Kaufman Furs’ specialized fur storage solutions and give your luxury fur the care it deserves. Secure your fur’s future with our expert services today!