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Fur coats are perhaps the most iconic piece of clothing for the winter. In addition to giving you a cozy feel and offering you utmost warmth, they also add to your style during the cooler months. When we think of fur coats, the words that come to our mind are feminine, luxurious, and classic! There is something truly extraordinary about fur coats that adds a touch of elegance to your outfit and elevates your look altogether.

You can style fur coats with several types of clothing, including jeans, high boots, athleisure, formal dresses, high pants, and more. It is all a matter of picking the right fur, pattern, length, and putting together a great outfit.

We decided to create a guide on how to style a fur coat so you can drop by at an event looking drop dead gorgeous.

Here are a few tips to style your fur coat like a total boss babe:

1. Pair It with a Fancy Dress for Formal Events

woman wearing black fur coat

ALT TEXT: woman wearing black fur coat

You can sport a gorgeous look for formal occasions while keeping yourself warm by pairing your formal dresses with fur coats. Slip on a fur coat over your shoulders while you wear a formal dress inside. Since you want the fur coat to be the focal point, consider picking a neutral-colored fur coat that goes with every look. Add a pair of dangling earrings to your look to completely accessorize your outfit with sophistication. Make sure your dress is visible and your fur coat is not overshadowing it.

2. Short Fur Coat Over a Printed Dress for Semi-Formal Events

woman wearing brown fur coat

Alt text: woman wearing brown fur coat

Another way to pull off your fur-coat look during winters is by pairing your fur coat with a printed dress. If you are wearing a printed dress during a formal fall day, pair it with a hip-length fur coat. The reason why you should pick a shorter fur coat is so that your printed dress is visible beneath the coat. This is more of a semi-formal look for knee-length dresses.

For instance, you can wear a knee-length leopard-printed dress and pair it with a white or black short fur coat. To finish the look, carry a patterned handbag matching the color palette of your outfit. Make sure you mix and match the outfits wisely to prevent a fashion disaster.

3. Solid Fur Coat with Top and Jeans for Casual Days

Woman wearing long brown fur coat


For those casual winter days where you need to add layers and make your outfit pop, pick a colorful top, a solid-colored fur coat (black, navy, brown, or white), and pair them with blue or black jeans. You can complete the outfit by putting on white sneakers and golden neckpieces. You can go wrong with this combination if you don’t mix and match the right colors. So be careful when picking the top with your fur coat.

4. A Long Fur Coat with Formal Pants

Woman wearing long tuxedo coat


If you want to go for a classy look, pair your long fur coat with formal pants for a formal day out. Pick out some nice, solid-colored pants with a dark fur coat. For instance, you can wear chinos with a matching shirt and a dark fur coat. Next, complete the outfit by putting on some great quality leather loafers. To accessorize your outfit, wear a dark fedora or a hat.

5. Long Fur Coat with Skinny Jeans and Boots

woman wearing knee length fur coat


Another great way to pull off a casual outfit is to pair your black skinny jeans and black sweater with a long brown fur coat. This outfit is ideal for casual winter days out. Complete the look with snake or crocodile textured black boots, some cool sunglasses, and a crossbody bag.

6. Pajama Pants and Fur Coat for an Effortless and Cozy Look

Woman wearing short length fur coat with black pants


If you prefer comfort over style for a casual day out with your friends, wear a hip-length fur coat with any of your pajama sets. You don’t need any specific material type because any pajama in any material will work for this look.

For instance, grab a short fur coat in neutral tones and pair it up with patterned pajamas. Complete the look with white sneakers or slip-ons. You can accessorize this fun look by wearing colored sunglasses.

7. Long Fur Coats on Athleisure Wear

Woman wearing long coat with hood


Athleisure wear is all the rage this year. People are even wearing it to formal events. And what better way to pull off a formal look than pairing your favorite athleisure wear with a long fur coat? Pick a solid-colored athleisure set (khaki or black) and pair it up with a long fur coat in black or brown color. Wear heels and chunky sneakers to complete the look. You can accessorize this outfit with a crossbody bag and stud earrings.

8. Short Fur Coats with Any Outfit

Woman wearing a short white fur jacket with jeans


If you are into fur coats, you should definitely add a collection of short fur coats to your wardrobe. Not only do these coats make your outfit more visible, but also serve as a great alternative to jackets. Short fur coats go with everything, including short dresses, jeans, formal wear, knee-high boots, leather pants, and other winter outfits. Consider buying one solid-colored and one animal printed fur coat to add a flair to your outfits.

So that’s how to style a fur coat in 8 different ways. Go ahead and try these looks out before you make a grand entrance to your upcoming events.

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