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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of fur? Certainly, it has to be wearing it on a lavish high-profile party. Due to their historical use to make a fashion statement or represent a high social class, real fur has been synonymous with fancier occasions. There is nothing wrong with donning a fur coat on a gala night or a lavish party. However, limiting real fur to only such events is a waste of resources.

In fact, fur allows you to shine with casual wear as well and you can wear it at any team of the year. For example, many people wear fur jackets with their t-shirts while women prefer fur vests along with their classy casual outfits. If you can acquire a knack of getting fur right for casual occasions, it can help you to wear a wider number of styles and designs. Here is how to wear a fur coat casually.

Turtle Neck and Plain T-Shirt

If you want to wear a real fur coat, there is no need to get yourself restricted regarding what you wear underneath your fur. To ensure a casual look for the inside, you can wear a turtle neck but make sure not to go for a different color—pick the same color for the turtle neck as you have chosen for your fur coat. Additionally, if you can add a pair of sneakers into the mix, your casual outfit can just become perfect!

Similarly, if you don’t feel like wearing a turtle neck, particularly when it is a bit hot, you can opt for more liberating clothing by selecting a plain t-shirt. Plain t-shirt and fur coats are under-rated fashion trends that delicately mix up casualness with extravagance.

Jackets and Vests

In winters, the luxurious and full-length real fur coats are a necessity. However, in summers, you can find a lighter fur jacket as a better alternative. Not only does it allow you to breathe easily without its bulkiness but the lack of heavier look is also easier on eyes. If jackets are not your thing, there has been a rising trend of women wearing fur vests with all types of clothing. You can also wear fur accessories like wraps, stoles, and shawls. Try to select furs that can act as your wardrobe’s accents; this can facilitate wearers to make them a more frequent addition of the combination of their casual clothes.

Casual Raccoon Fur Vest

Casual Raccoon Fur Vest

Accessories to the Rescue

Fur accessories don’t end with wraps, stoles, and shawls. In fact, you have a lot more options at hand, each distinct and unique enough to complement all the attires in your wardrobe. For example, you can just carry a fur handbag to subtly enhance your overall look while at the same time you can avoid being seen as overdressed or trying too much.

On a similar note, a fur hat can incorporate significant sumptuousness to a casual look. In the colder times, you can wear fur scarves to not only add some glamour but also ensure that you can keep yourself sufficiently warm.

Chilly Night

On chillier nights, you can not only wear your fur coats as part of your casual looks but it can become your go-to source of warmth. Whether you have to simply go out for an errand or spend a fun night out with our friends, refrain from wearing non-fur clothes.

This is because the warmth a real fur can provide you is unrivaled, thanks to the inherent characteristics of natural fur. Natural fur is composed of thousands of hairs that allow it with a special type of defensive mechanism—critical for survival in both icy and wild environments. If warmth is a major priority, wear a beaver or mink fur coat with your clothes.

Classic Black Fox Headband

Classic Black Fox Headband

The Right Attitude

If for some reason, you are unsure about wearing real furs with casual outfits, you should realize that there are no hard and fast rules in fashion. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jennifer Lopez—each rocked the fashion world with fur and made it fashionable without caring for others. Such an attitude was vital to their successes as one of the most sought-after celebrities of their times.

Whether other people consider your fur combinations with casual outfits as trendy or not, you should always go for what you yourself deem as stylish and chic. Having an understanding of how to wear a fur coat casually can facilitate you to create your fur-heavy casual outfits and you can continue to experiment with fun and bright looks—that are exclusively owned by you.

Black and White Mink Coat

Black and White Mink Coat

Marc Kaufman Furs NYC

As you can observe, there is a sea of fur choices that can complement your casual outfits. From a fur cap to a scarf, from a coat to a jacket, various types of occasions allow you to suit up differently. However, before comprehending how to wear a fur coat casually, you are going to need a reliable furrier, someone with whom you can establish the beginning of a long-term partnership based on trust and goodwill. As such, contact Marc Kaufman.

Since the past 150 years, Kaufman furs have spread throughout the world. Whether it is the genuine warmness of their mink fur coats or the elegance of their fox fur vest, their collection consists of everything a fur enthusiast can ask for: lynx coats, chinchilla coats sable furs, fur capes, fur vests, men furs, and each and every type of fur accessories. What’s more is that despite such a prestigious brand name, these furs are quite affordable—you cannot find this quality at lesser prices.