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How to wear furs for different occasions is the question.

Whether you have a gala to attend or you are performing special arrangements for a date night of your 1st anniversary, you have to consider your dressing sense. It is hard to decide what type of outfits to wear, especially if you are a fashion monger.

A slight misjudgment may force you to either get under dressed or overdressed. As a result, people may sheepishly grin to subtly indicate that your trendsetter days are a thing of the past. What if, there is a clothing type that not only radiates style but also makes you prominent in the audience? This is possible with Kaufman furs that can transform your image and reputation overnight.

Fur and trendy go side-by-side; it never went out of fashion. From college campuses to the Parisian runways, fur tops the list as a trendsetter. The old style of full-length fur in black, brown, and white color is not going out of fashion any sooner.

Back then, fashion queens like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe exuded elegance and panache when they wore chinchilla coats and white minks. Today, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian wear fur with pride in all types of gathering and events. If you are confused about how to wear fur for different occasions, consider the following and see what to wear with your fur.

Formal Events

If you have been invited to a formal event that requires you to don black-tie, now is the correct time to enhance your standing among your peers. In such events, you can make a bold statement by wearing a full-length fur coat. You can wear a fur coat to complement the following outfits.

  • Cocktail dresses
  • Long gowns
  • Separates (such as skirts)

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to limit yourself with barely a full-length fur coat in formal events. You can also complement your look with fur wraps or stoles; they add a unique, graceful flair. Regardless of whether you pick a fur wrap, stole, or coat, don’t experiment with a new pattern or color. Instead, keeping up with conventional patterns and colors like grey, white, brown, and black is wise enough. Since the aim is to beguile the audience, green and pink furs are not the most sensible of choices for these events.



Lately, there has been an increase in the number of brides who have begun to wear fur. As every bride dreams to look special, unique, and alluring on her wedding day, hence what else can tick all the boxes other than fur? Additionally, it can also keep them warm without compromising on style.

Coats that are not made of fur often spoil the beauty of wedding dresses. This is not the case with fur, particularly, if you choose a long white fur coat—it can significantly elevate your appearance. On the other hand, if you are guest at a wedding, a silver or light brown fur coat is enough to steal the thunder.


For after-hours or late night events, the goal is to sport an exuberant, contemporary, and colorful look. When going for a party event, you have to strike a balance between a casual and dressed up look.

As a simple but effective choice, LBD—little black dress—can do wonders. You can use a fur wrap or jacket to equip yourself with a sleek look while at the same time it can also keep you warm on chilly nights.

Bear in mind that in order to pull off fur successfully, you have to consider two factors depending upon the type of party: color and length.  For example, a full-length fur can go a long way in fancy evenings whereas fur wraps or vests are more suitable for dressier events.

In these events, it is not necessary to bank on conventional colors. You can also take it up a notch and choose colors like emerald greens, dark reds, and warm blues to enrich your attire.

Casual Outings

One of the myths that are associated with fur is that you can only wear it in fancy events. The idea behind fashion is to break previous standards and introduce new trends. As such, is there any fabric that can offer

as much versatility as fur? Not only it comes in different clothing like vests, coats, jackets, and wraps but the wide range of fur types can also provide warmth, beauty, durability, and other benefits to its wearer.

Regardless of the fact that you are having a fun time with your friends or family, or you are going for a short walk to your local store, you should also pick a lively fashion style. On a weekend errand, fur vests have become quite common. If it is a chilly day, you can wear a fur west with blue/black jeans and a light color shirt like a white shirt. In autumn, plaid button down shirt and ankle boots can refine your look with a fur vest.

If you intend to sport an effortlessly voguish look on a casual brunch or dinner, fur hats and vests along with high boots are an irreplaceable combination. During a family gathering, it is important to feel relaxed and comfort. Therefore, you can wear a fur coat with a t-shirt and sneakers.

Marc Kaufman Furs NYC

Now that you know how to wear fur for different occasions, especially which type of fur and colors can complement your looks, let’s proceed further. You have to buy some furs that you can wear in all types of events. As such, Kaufman furs offer the highest quality in North America. Therefore, contact Marc Kaufman and place your order for fur vests, coats, jackets, and other accessories.