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Marc Kaufman Furs NYC likes “Not Now Darling” Playing at the Upper Canada Playhouse, a must see

Downright naughty

Pictured from the cast of Not Now Darling are Liz Gilroy, Brian Young, and Kate Gordon. Photo by Roxanne Delage.

Roxanne Delage

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Upper Canada Playhouse , Morrisburg

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, in fact, the audience at Thursday night’s preview of Not Now Darling at the Upper Canada Playhouse, didn’t mind at all, if judging by their uproarious laughter.

This popular sex farce, by Ray Cooney and John Chapman – the same folks that created such past comic hits as Run For Your Wife, It Runs in the Family and last year’s There Goes The Bride – is one of the bawdier ones of its genre, packed with plenty of wonderfully compromising positions, both figuratively and literally.

An exclusive furrier, played by Sheldon Davis, wants to give an expensive mink coat to his girlfriend, (Liz Gilroy) and tries to trick her husband (Richard Bauer, who also directed the show) into buy it for her for a fraction of the price. When said husband returns for the coat, but for his secretary (Kate Gordon), the plan of course, goes right out the window, along with an assortment of frilly lingerie, dresses and coats.

Oh of course it doesn’t end there… There’s a wife (Alison Lawrence) who’s looking for her husband, a husband (Parris Greaves) looking for his wife, another wife (Linda Goranson) looking for her husband (Walter Learning) who looking for his wife and a parking space… He winds up in jail… It’s a long story, but I’m happy to report that no animals were harmed in the production of this play.

Always a standout, Playhouse favourite, Brian Young, makes his return to the Morrisburg stage as Arnold Crouch, the fall guy for business partner’s shenanigans. Young is always a delight to watch no matter what role he inhabits, but especially when playing broad comedy.

What can be said about the entire stellar cast, the eye catching, groovy 70s costumes, the great set, and the entire evening, for that matter, that could possibly hold a stage light to the actual live experience. You’ll just have to check it out for yourself… Be prepared to blush.

Not Now Darling from August 4 to August 28 at the Upper Canada Playhouse in Morrisburg. Coming up next month, is the very funny Kitchen Witches by Caroline Smith. For further information call (613) 543-3713

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