To say there is something precious and elegant about white fur is an understatement. A touch of white mink, or fox, reads as much Old Hollywood glamour as it does Patrician elegance, and is a worthy look for events from grand soirées to sporty fun to winter nuptials.

White Rex Rabbit Cropped Sleeve Jacket with Fox Fur Collar, exclusively from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC

Evelyn, Sunny and Dovima in white mink stoles and evening gowns, photo by Gjon Mili, 1946

Prada – Fall 2012-Winter 2013

Jean Paul Gaultier – Fall 2012-Winter 2013

In past decades, white furs were often favored for evening looks due to their soigné sophistication. Today, though, designers are adapting white fur as a new design palette, adopting both shorthair and longhair types equally and delivering looks that are iconoclastic, both referential to Old School models and reflecting  more Street Style variations.

Dennis Basso – Fall 2012-Winter 2013

Margaret Lockwood in an evening gown fur stole visits the theatre

Byte by Teso – Fall 2012-Winter 2013

Lie Sang Bong – Fall 2012-Winter 2013

Alexander McQueen – Fall 2012-Winter 2013

“January 9, 1957, Florida”, photographed by Vivian Maier, 1957

David Koma – Fall 2012-Winter 2013

White furs reflect light like no other furs and have the ability to read both formal and youthful at the same time. White conveys an aesthetic that is crisp and clean, modern and feminine. In the time when black and white photography was the norm for the media, a star in white fur was a graphic showcase. Nowadays, though this iconic photographic style may be out, the enduring appeal of white fur continues.

Marilyn Monroe wearing a white fox stole

Jean Paul Gaultier – Fall 2012-Winter 2013

Moncler Gamme Rouge – Fall 2012-Winter 2013

Blumarine – Fall 2012-Winter 2013

When it comes to Street Style, mink and fox are not alone anymore, Mongolian lamb (and every other lamb/goat types), rabbit, and bleached furs of every type are utilized with equal largess. The name of the game is design and personality. From classic items to more fashion-forward ones, a little white fur is always chic and fun.

Stella Tenbrook in Jacques Fath’s slim-fitting evening dress with white fox fur collar, photo by Willy Maywald, 1951

Roksanda Ilincic – Fall 2012-Winter 2013

Junko Shimada – Fall-Winter 2012-2013

Vivienne Westwood – Fall 2012-Winter 2013

Mugler – Fall 2012-Winter 2013

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Red Fox Fur Stroller with Belt & Hood, exclusively from Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC

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