Ranch Mink Jacket Pink Chinchilla Fur Collar Cuffs 7799


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Fur coats are my favorite outerwear items. I have this affinity for them. The feel of them,their warmth,the practicality of them,it is all so appealing to me. I have always been a city girl. I was born and raised in Washington,D.C. While D.C is not a fashion capitol or destination for fashionistas, it is still quite the mecca for social gatherings. Many of the global political elite consider Washington D.C their second home. International business persons also tend to travel here and spend copious amounts of time here. I guess,in this sense, fashion is a defacto component of the social scene here in D.C. The John F.Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts,The Old Ebbitt Grill, The Monocle; these are a few places where fashion counts. My ranch mink fur jacket with pink chinchilla fur collar and cuffs,is a casual,trendy fur jacket that I wear out to informal get togethers. It is quite the conversation piece every time. Marc Kaufman Furs and their unique design capabilities does it again.



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Chinchilla Fur, Mink Fur

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Fur Jacket


Black / Ranch, Pink/Fuchsia