Red Sheared Mink Fur Jacket Red Chinchilla Fur Collar 7745


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Red is my preferred color. I am usually adorned in red. People know me by my wardrobe color preference. My fashion sense is definitely formed around my love for red. It has the unintended effect of making me a unique figure in most rooms. Charlotte, North Carolina is a wonderful mid sized city. It has a wonderful old world charm about while being contemporary enough to draw a younger working demographic to the city.I have lived her for many years. I love being here. It is funny to see how natives of Charlotte are still adjusting to my”red visual assault” in terms of my day to day attire. i have always been complimented and queried all at the same time about my love for the color red. Even my outerwear resounds of red. My red sheared mink fur jacket with red chinchilla fur collar from Marc Kaufman Furs is a tribute to the color red and its vibrancy.I wear this coat to the Nascar Hall Of Fame,Freedom Park, and the Levine Museum of The New South,to name a few places. Red is hardly a scarlet letter. I am living proof of that.


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Chinchilla Fur, Mink Fur

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Fur Jacket