Finnish Raccoon Jacket Fashioned by Mimi Spice

This jacket is perfect for a night out in the town. Model Mimi Spice brings the rockstar attitude to life with the help of our Finished Raccoon jacket. As soon as the jacket fell onto her shoulders she exclaimed “Oh that’s Spicy!”, or super hot in Spice language. This piece is super comfy, and brings confidence with every bounce. “This is one of my favorite pieces here at Marc Kaufman Furs, and that’s saying something!”, says Mimi.

Golden Raccoon Bomber Jacket Hood 88993

This Classic Golden Raccoon Bomber Jacket with Hood can be worn during the chilliest days of winter. Take this amazing fur jacket to the ski slopes of Aspen, Snow board in Park City Utah or wear this in Chilly Chicago.

Men’s Fox Bomber Fur Jacket Yellow 67854

This flashy Yellow Men’s Fox Bomber can be seen from miles away. If your on a ski slope or just walking thru Soho in NYC this fur jacket will surely get noticed. If you want to be noticed, it will not be difficult wearing this fur.

With fur, you have many choices, mink, raccoon, lynx coyote, sable along with chinchilla. This particular jacket is one of our favorites. Soft and Fluffy and will definitely keep you warm all winter long.