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Ten Things You Must Pack for a Winter Russian Vacation

Russia is famous for its freezing and snowy winters. However, this does not mean you should step back from planning a visit to the beautiful country. For many, the country is the most notable and beautiful in winters. Indeed, planning a vacation to the largest country in the world will take some time. First, you need to decide which cities you want to visit, which landmarks you want to make sure you fit into your schedule, and how light or heavy your suitcase will be. Ten things you must pack for a winter Russian Vacation by Marc Kaufman Furs!

Before we get into the list of things you must pack for a Russian winter vacation, let’s learn a few facts about the country you are planning on visiting. We are well aware of Russia being the largest country globally, but did you know it is even bigger than Pluto? Because it is so large, the country has 11 different time zones! Furthermore, the nearest point between the United States and Russia is just 4 km apart. Although an ice bridge forms between the two points in winter, it is illegal to walk across it. These are just a couple of the many interesting facts about the beautiful country.

Many of us are not used to extreme cold weather or snow at all. Therefore, it is crucial to be prepared for a vacation in a country with such severe weather. To help you make the most out of your trip, here are ten things you must pack for a Russian winter vacation.

  1. Water Resistant/Comfortable Boots

One of the most important things to keep in mind when packing for Russia is a pair of water-resistant or comfortable boots. Indeed, these boots will always be there for you to save the day! Nobody likes the feeling of wet socks or cold feet. However, ensure you do not wear too warm boots, as they can be bulky and make it hard for you to walk around the city and enjoy your time in the beautiful country. Ten things you must pack for a winter Russian Vacation by Marc Kaufman Furs! Of course, the streets in different cities are plowed regularly, so you do not have to worry about snow above your ankles all that much!

  1. Keep a Warm Hat

With how chilly the air gets in Russia, you will want to keep your entire body warm and toasty. Therefore, you must pack a warm hat to take there. For example, keep this stylish black fox fur hat with you when packing for your Russian vacation. Not only will you look chic, but you will be able to keep your head warm and safe from the chilly air!

Black Fox Fur Hat

Black Fox Fur Hat

Image alt text: woman looks chic as she pairs her black hat with a black turtleneck

  1. Jeans or Wind Resistant Pants

You will want to keep your favorite pair of durable jeans or wind-resistant pants that can cut the wind in chilly Russia. These are certainly important to take with you as they will be able to keep you warm throughout your travel across the largest country in the world. Ten things you must pack for a winter Russian Vacation by Marc Kaufman Furs! This way, you will be able to enjoy your time in Russia properly!

  1. Pack a Baselayer

If you are traveling from a country not as cold as Russia, you will want to pack a Baselayer such as compression tights or a compression shirt. A Baselayer is undoubtedly essential to wear if you will be spending most of your time outdoors. In addition, because the temperature can drop to extreme levels, a Baselayer will help you stay warm and enjoy your Russian vacation to the full extent!

  1. Keep a Warm Fur Coat

One of the most important things you can pack is a warm fur coat. Ensure the fur coat you pack is long, as it will be able to keep your legs warm as well. Not only is a fur coat the best at keeping you warm and toasty, but it will keep you looking extraordinarily chic and fashionable too! For instance, this classic Blackglamma mink coat is the perfect fur item to pack for your trip!

Classic Blackglama Mink Coat 

Classic Blackglamma Mink Coat

Image alt text: woman looks chic as she pairs her mink coat with a printed skirt

  1. Dinner Outfits

Packing for dinner outfits will vary by the places you plan on eating at. You can grab dinner at many places in different cities, and you will see the locals looking prim and proper wherever you go. Therefore, you will want to pack a few suitable outfits for a semi-formal night out for dinner with friends and family. For example, you can pack a nice turtleneck or a fancy sweater.

  1. Everyday Toiletries

Ensure you pack miniature versions of everyday toiletries. You need not worry about packing full-sized ones as you will be able to find replacements in Russia. For example, make sure to pack sunscreen, lip balm, and moisturizer to protect yourself from the harsh winter winds in the country. Ten things you must pack for a winter Russian Vacation Furthermore, do not forget to pack your prescription pills as you might not be able to find them in Russia!

  1. Power Adapters

Make sure to pack power adapters so you can easily plug in electronics. The outlets in Russia are similar to the ones in Europe; they require plugs with two rounded prongs. Therefore, ensure you check your electronic devices and whether you need a power convertor for them or not.

  1. A Chic Jacket

There can never be enough warm clothes. So pack your favorite jacket that will help keep you warm throughout your Russian vacation. For example, this black shearling jacket is the perfect one for your trip. Not only is it extremely warm, but it looks like the epitome of fashion. Therefore, you can wear it on your nights out for dinner or at the clubs!

Black Shearling Jacket Silver Fox Hood

Black Shearling Jacket with Silver Fox Hood

Image alt text: woman looks stylish as she pairs her jacket with leather pants

  1. Make Copies

Do not forget to make copies of your passport, visa, plane tickets, and hotel confirmations. Place these in your luggage. This is so that whoever finds it can locate you easily in case you lose your luggage. And you will have all your stuff back!


Every person will have their own experience when traveling to Russia. However, we can apply the list above of ten things you must pack for your Russian vacation to everyone who wishes to go there in the winter.

If you are looking for a fur coat, jacket, or hat for your trip to Russia, Marc Kaufman Furs has you covered. Browse our website for our extensive fur collection and start packing for your Russian vacation!