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The Fur Ban In West Hollywood: Some Interesting Thoughts

West Hollywood is about to banish the sales of fur within their 1.9 square mile border.

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The average winter temperature in West Hollywood for the months October thru February is approx. 60 degrees. This to me sounds like perfect fur weather.

Banning the sale of fur in West Hollywood is like banning Ice Cream in  Alaska. With all the sugars, and chemicals in ice cream, I can really understand why it should not be sold. This is why our Alaskan population is overweight.  Please suggest to Peta to protest in Alaska to support this ban. (If they did, I’m sure their furs will come out of their closets)

What is the actual need of a fur in West Hollywood?  West Hollywood is not Chicago, Detroit, NYC where the temperture averages below 35 degrees in the winter. By the way, fur was actually designed for warmth.

But in addition to the stopping of fur sales, i also believe the Peta should promote a ban in West Hollywood on Gucci products, Fendi, Chanel, Mcdonalds, Louis Vuitton, the sale of leather seats in a cars, Super Markets for selling meat, Manolo Blahnik and most highly desired Louboutin ladies shoes.

Let us also stop the use of any animal tested drugs for all of the residents of West Hollywood. Do you realize how many animals would be saved by this ban?  Imagine no animal tested drugs in West Hollywood, I guess that will leave Marijuana and Cocaine, that will become the drugs of choice, or is it already? On second thought, I believe marijuana and cocaine have been tested on animals… I guess we need to ban those drugs too.

Oh. did I forget to mention the animal testing that was done on silicon breast implants, Botox, perfume, the ability for a doctor to perform LipoSuction, hair plugs for you balding men and all this fabulous makeup which make you look young, beautiful and wrinkle free.

Let’s make West Hollywood totally free of all animal products, animal by-products and products that were tested on animals. Lets put this to a vote. Peta, you need to enlist Nancy Pelosi, she knows what to do.

Think about it, West Hollywood, no drugs, no cosmetic makeup or cosmetic surgery, no designer shoes, no breast enhancements, no  silicon lip implants, cars with cloth seats, no perfume, no deodorant, sounds like all the residents will evacuate. Then FEMA will need to come in and help, and you know the mess they can create. The very thing that West Hollywood stands for will become extinct.

This Blog was written by Marc Kaufman.

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