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A fur coat certainly adds glamor to an outfit, but fur accessories can take that style to the next level. A simple handbag with matching fur, a scarf that gives your outfit an edge and even chic ear muffs can make your investment worth it.

Here are some of the top fur accessories you should look into if you want to rock your fur like it should be:

Best Fur Accessories for Winter

1. Fur Collar

A woman wearing a fur collar

A luxurious fur collar like this Black and White Tipped Finnish Raccoon Collar from Kaufman Furs can keep your neck warm and add some oomph to your ensemble. This Black and White Tipped Finish Raccoon collar adds volume to simple furs. Wear it with a simple outfit and you won’t need any other accessories to make an impact.


Besides making your look stand out and keeping your neck warm, these fur accessories also cover the top of your shoulders. The larger the diameter of the natural fur collar, the warmer you will be.  Fur collars are also available in a range of colors so you can switch easily between furs.

2. Fur Purse

Fur accessories

Why stop at a coat? When it comes to furs, you can never have enough accessories. Take this Baby Pink Fox Fur Bag, for instance. It features double leather handles, multiple pockets and is lined with gorgeous baby pink natural fur. In other words, it’s both practical and can be used to make a style statement whether you are wearing fur or not.

Want to add a little extra something to a shirt and jeans combo? Slip on this furry handbag on your shoulder and add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Or just take it with you as comfort during a long drive. You really cannot go wrong with a fur bag.

3. Fur Hat

Fur accessories


A hat can be used for more than hiding bed head. If it’s lined with fur, it can keep your head toasty warm and add an attractive element to a bland outfit. The Black Fox Fur Hat pictured here does exactly that and more.

These make beautiful fur accessories that you can use to glamorize your wardrobe and make those pictures really pop. With so many options available at Kaufman Furs, you are sure to find a few you would love to switch between when you switch outfits.

4. Fur Ear Muffs

Blue fur ear muffs


Yours ears are more vulnerable to the cold than you realize. If the temperature drops, the tips can get frostbite and you may not realize its onset before it’s too late. A hoodie will only protect your head and will leave your ears exposed. Plus, it will also hide your gorgeous hairdo and will mess it up when you slip it down.

This is where ear muffs such as these Royal Blue Fox Ear Muffs can prove invaluable. These act as comfy ear cozies that will keep frostbite at bay and won’t ruin your hairdo either. Plus, unlike hats, they won’t make your hair a static mess when you slip them off indoors. Just make sure you push all of the hair off your face before slipping them on.

5. Fur Headband

A red fur band


Speaking of keeping your hair out of your face, if you don’t want to wear fur muffs or a fur hat, a fur headband is a good alternative such as this Red Fox Headband. These can help you move those annoying strands of hair away from your face and prevent your hairstyle from flattening.

The one-size-fits-all headband is one of those fur accessories that is both practical and stylish.  You can slip it on and off easily and since it is stretchable, it won’t cause hair breakage. The headband is also lined with silk so it will remain comfortable on your head. Adjust the tightness as per your comfort level.

6. Fur Bubble Hat

A large black fur accessory


Want to make a style statement that will make a sensation on and off the ramp? Try pairing your fur coat with this lavish and sumptuous Black Fox Fur Bubble Hat from Kaufman Furs. Better than a fur hat and offering more coverage than a simple hoodie, this encompassing fur hat is what dreams are made of.

If you live in an area that experiences subzero temperatures, this fur hat should be part of your everyday wardrobe. Besides keeping your entire head toasty warm, this furry bubble hat can add an attractive element to a simple outfit.

Shop for Chic Fur Accessories at Kaufman Furs

Fur accessories can not only give you extra warmth during chilly weather, they can help you make unforgettable style statements. If you are searching for more fur accessories, check out Mark Kaufman Furs.  Since 1870 the fur suppliers have been an essential part of America’s fur production and has grown exponentially making them the furrier of choice for celebrities and citizens alike.

The quality of Mark Kaufman furs is second to none and they also stand out because of their cleaning service. Rather than cleaning your natural fur coat yourself (and probably ruining it in the process), send it to them and it will be returned good as new. They also provide fur storage services so your furs will remain pristine during the summer and come out fresh during the winter.