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Storing Mink Coats

A fashionable mink coat is a long-lasting and timeless fashion trend that every person must invest in. However, along with being stylish and warm, fur is a material that is also expensive and very high maintenance. You might think we are exaggerating but really, buying fur is a decision that needs planning and preparation – you can not impulsively buy a fur coat.

We all know fur as a material that can last for years on end, but most people don’t know that to make your fur last long, you need to be careful with buying and storing the material. Mink fur is one of the most popular, expensive, and classy fur types available in the market. Therefore, it is slightly more high maintenance than the other types of fur.

If you are planning to buy a fur outfit, specifically something with mink fur, you must know the right tricks to buy and store the fur coat. Hence here are some tips to help you buy and store a mink fur coat.

Buying a Mink Fur Coat

Sapphire Directional Mink Coat

Sapphire Directional Mink Coat

Mink fur is obtained from small carnivorous mammals called minks. Mink fur is known for being lightweight, soft, and lustrous with dense underfur. When buying a fur coat, you must be able to identify what it looks like. Here are tips to help you buy a mink fur coat:

1. Know the Quality

Mink fur coats are popular for their quality; when buying a fur coat, be sure of the fur quality, texture, softness, and length to determine it’s the right fur coat for you.

2. Color and Texture

Black Cross Mink Coat Silver Fox Trim

Black Cross Mink Coat Silver Fox Trim

The real color of mink fur coat is deep and tawny brown – almost like black. Due to their color and texture, they have a distinct look. However, the color of the mink fur can be customized to your preference. Hence, when buying a fur, you can look for one in your favorite color, just make sure it is dyed properly, and the dye hasn’t compromised the quality.

Storing a Mink Coat

Fur Storage Vault

Fur Storage Vault

Fur coats are considered high maintenance because they need to be properly stored and cannot be kept just anywhere. Here are tips to help you store your mink fur coat properly.

1. Choose a Cold and Dark Place

Mink fur does not do well in sunlight and warmth. This fur coat must be stored in cold and dark locations of your house. For example, you can store your mink fur coat in your closet with near air conditioning to keep your coat in the best condition.

2. Do Not Keep the Coat in Humid Places

Humidity can damage your fur coat and strip it off its natural oils and shine. Hence, if you are storing your fur coat in your home, try to place a dehumidifier in the room where you are keeping your mink fur coat.

3. Invest in a Cold Storage

Cold storage is a place specifically designed for storing fur coats and outfits. They have a set temperature and humidity level to slow down the bio-degradation of real fur and help it last longer. Hence, if you can invest in cold storage or find one near your house, store your mink fur coat there.

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