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Winters are here and so is the wedding season. Do you find yourself doing a trade-off  between staying warm and flaunting your style? Well, we’ve got you! Fur is the perfect material to style this winter season. Here is how you can style luxurious fur to look cozy yet chic.

Fur Shawls and Fur Wraps

Fur shawls and wraps are the perfect clothing accessory to keep you warm but also stylish. Fur wraps are now a popular fashion trend and are also being attached to bridal dresses – to enhance the luxurious look of the bridal outfit.

Similarly, most brides also carry fur shawls for their winter wedding. This not only appears as a modern take on the traditional wedding shawls but helps the bride stay cozy on her big day.

Fur Capes  

Fur capes are a lighter and more elegant version of a fur coat. These capes are the epitome of elegance and style. It is the newest trend for bridesmaids to don matching fur capes that gives their dresses a touch of grace and also help them stay warm – while fulfilling their bridesmaid’s duties.

there are two types f fur capes that you can wear to a wedding. Long fur capes give a formal look and can be paired with a small dress and tights. While short fur capes look more luxurious and can be layered over a longer, and warmer dress – without giving a heavy look.

 Fur Scarves

Weddings outfits are mostly cool-toned, hence, pairing your neutral-colored dress with a bright fur scarf can add a pop of color to your outfit. Fur scarves are perfect for layering an outfit without making it look bulky or thick. You can simply drape a fur scarf over an off-shoulder dress and stay warm while looking uber-chic.

Bottom Line

Wear luxurious fur this wedding season to slay the fashion game. Don’t take our word for it, pair your plain dresses with a fur drape and see how your outfit goes from a zero to a hundred.