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Fur is a winter staple, and as the months get colder, we notice people wearing different fur outfits and accessories all around. We know fur as a soft, fine, and hairy material that looks lavish and extremely stylish in the cold, but have you ever noticed how not all fur looks the same? That’s because fur outfits and accessories are made using different types of furs.

Fur has a unique look because it is a material made with the pelt (the skin and hair together)  of an animal. Since fur is a material made from the hair of certain animals, there are different types of fur obtained from different species – each showing its distinct characteristics.

If you don’t know what type of fur you need to get this year, here is a list of 3 types of fur for you to choose from.

Types of Fur

 Beaver fur vest

1. Beaver Fur

A beaver is an aquatic animal with exceptionally thick and soft underfur and a shiny coat of hair on top. Hence, fur obtained from the beaver is one of the warmest furs with a velvety texture. Beaver fur comes in a range of colors, from dark brown to black to golden – there is a large variety of beaver fur you can choose from. Moreover, you can also dye beaver fur  in various colors to match it with any outfit.

Apart from its warmth and thick texture, beaver fur is famous for being extremely durable. It can last for years, even decades, if kept with care. Due to its texture and the coziness it offers, beaver fur is trendy.

Bolero Chinchilla Rex Fur Jacket

2. Chinchilla Fur

A chinchilla is a rodent found in the Andes mountain ranges of South America. The animal has short hair and a thick undercoat; hence chinchilla fur used for outfits is soft, short, and has a dark underfur. Chinchilla fur jackets are famous for their fantastic quality and uniqueness.

Chinchilla fur outfits are lightweight yet dense at the same time. They have a classy look and are perfect for people who love dressing up. You can identify a chinchilla fur outfit by the black streak that runs along with the fur due to its beautiful fur quality and lavish look. Chinchilla fur is one of the most expensive furs available in the market.

Men's coyote fur coat

3. Coyote Fur

A coyote is a predator that looks like a dog, primarily found in North America. Since they are very similar to German Shpherds with long hair and a bushy tail, most people consider them a member of the dog family. Fur obtained from Coyotes is long-haired and very warm.

Just like the beaver fur, coyote fur is very durable thus, very long-lasting as well. It is a perfect choice for carrying on cold and long destination trips because it is one of the warmest fur available, making it a Coyote fur is available in neutral tones, mostly pale grey and tan color. It is best for a sporty look and fur accessories like hats.

 Grey fox fur jacket

4. Fox Fur

Fox is another animal used to make fur garments and clothing items. Foxes, especially red foxes, are found in abundance, which makes them a great choice for harvesting and obtaining fur. In fact, red furs are one the most harvested animals for the fur trade. This is why fox fur is an affordable option for fur clothes, and you can get a good quality fox fur coat at a low price.

Other than their affordability, fox fur is also popular for the range of colors available. Red foxes are gorgeous In color, and the pelt obtained for them and used for fur clothes looks super chic, especially for fur accessories like scarves and caps. Other than that, they have the widest color range available in any fur. It comes in colors like crystal, blue, white, gray, red, and silver – Making them a unique but very affordable choice for fur clothes.

Russian sable fur coat

5. Sable Fur

Sable is a small omnivorous animal also known as a species of marten (a carnivorous mammal). It is mainly found in the forests of cold countries like Siberia, Russia, North Korea, and northern magnolia. Sable fur is one of the rarest furs available in the market, making them an expensive choice for fur clothes.

There are two types of sable furs: Russian and Canadian. Both of these are much silkier, softer, and better in quality than the pelt of American marten. Russian sable is the best quality sable available – which is why it is also called the crown sable. Russian sable fur is available in brown color with a silverfish cast on it. It is extremely lightweight but very durable and warm. It has long hair furs and is perfect for someone who loves to go for an elegant look- as they are expensive and super luxurious.

On the other hand, the Canadian sable is a little less expensive compared to the Russian. Sable. Canadian sable fur comes in golden color with an amber tone to it. It is equally stunning and as warm as the Russian sable. The rarity and quality of the Russian sable fur make it slightly expensive compared to the Canadian sable.

Moreover, their price also depends on their sources. Nonetheless, both look extremely stunning and are perfect for huge occasions where you’d like to be the highlight o the event. This is why brides mostly pick sable fur coats to go with their dresses.

Winter 2022 Fashion with Different Types of Fur

If you are looking to invest in fur outfits this season, the 5 types of fur mentioned above should be on the top of your list. While winter outfits and fur clothing items are made using many different types of fur, beaver fur, chinchilla fur, fox fur, sable fur, and coyote fur are the trendiest for winter 2022.

Check out our website to pick your favorite among the three. You can find good quality and very fashionable fur outfits here!