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A quality fur such as this exquisite piece by Marc Kaufman Furs is an investment that can be passed down through generations. To ensure it maintains its pristine quality through the years, keep them in fur cold storage when they are not in use, i.e. in the summer. If you hang your expensive furs for months without wearing them, they will lose their lustre and will also get musty.

Professional furriers know this which is why they offer cold storage services to their loyal customers.

The Science behind Fur Cold Storage?

Fur accessories, coats and even rugs can remain in perfect condition in cold storage and the temperature can also rejuvenate them. However, if a storage facility stores furs at room temperature or warmer, consider others such as Marc Kaufman Furs that meet humidity and temperature standards.

This is important from a scientific point of view. As the temperature decreases, molecules slow down as well which in turn slows down the biodegrading process of natural fur. Professional furriers don’t freeze fur to the point that they become rock solid. That’s because they know that like any item, when fur freezes, it gets brittle. Plus, when it thaws by getting warmer, its expansion and contraction stresses and tears the material which only speeds up deterioration.

Cold (NOT freezing) temperatures slow down the evaporation of natural oils that are present in the fur which keeps them flexible and soft to the touch. Freezing temperatures on the other hand, can speed up oil evaporation. With time, the lack of oil will make the fur and the leather underneath it fragile enough to tear easily.

Fur cold storage protects both materials against deterioration by preventing those oils from drying out as long as they don’t freeze. According to the experts, if you wish to place fur coats made from chinchilla or sable fur, for instance, should be stored at 45°F to 55°F. Fur cold storage efficiency increases as temperatures decrease. However, only experienced professionals such as those at Marc Kaufman Furs know the sweet spot where your fur can maintain its pristine condition.

To ensure your furs are stored with the care they deserve and at the aforementioned temperatures, check out the storage facility yourself. You have every right to do this and professionals should not have any issue obliging you.

A white fur hat in winter

Importance of Humidity Control

As a fur owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your coats and accessories last for years with proper care and maintenance. Certain conditions can have devastating effects on the material. Besides heat, humidity can also ruin your furs by drying off its natural oils.

The worst thing you can do is store your furs in the basement. While temperatures are cooler in that space, it is highly humid and will ruin your expensive investment. If you have no choice but to store your furs in the basement, use a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity level to 45% or 55%. That is the ideal temperature at which furs can be stored at home without losing their lustre.

The Cold Storage Process

When you take your fur coat for fur coat storage, your fur will not be locked away immediately. The first thing they will do is inspect them for damage with a careful examination. If your furs need repairs, the furrier will repair them before placing them in cold storage. This includes removing debris and dirt that may be lodged in the material. Once the repairs are done, the furrier will place your furs in cold storage.

Knowing how fur should be stored is critical if you want to maintain a collection you can show off for years and pass down to your children. When winter months come to an end, your furs have to remain in storage till temperatures drop again. Protect your investment by prioritizing their care and storage so you can wear your furs with pride when the season rolls around.

Professional fur storage facilities should offer the following:

  • Theft protection in the form of guards, alarms etc.
  • Temperatures that are kept under 55°F.
  • 34°F to 45°F humidity.
  • Sufficient space in storage to ensure furs don’t touch.
  • Minimal UV light.
  • Insect and vermin proof storage facility.
  • Easily accessible so you don’t have to wait long as they procure your furs for an event.

Once the natural oils in a fur piece are gone, it will lose its quality overtime. When dry rot sets in, there is nothing you can do but watch your investment deteriorate in front of your eyes. You cannot add those oils back in. With time, the lack of oil will make your fur as delicate as tissue paper and it will tear with a gentle pull.

Take action before it is too late. Send your furs into cold storage as soon as the weather gets warmer.

Opt For Fur Cold Storage at Kaufman Furs

At Marc Kaufman Furs, all furs are inspected and cleaned before they are placed in storage. Experienced professionals ensure that each piece is free of damage beforehand and will repair rips and tears to reinforce the material before storing it. The repairs will not be visible from the outside.

No need to come all the way to our facility if you don’t have the time to. Just give us a call and we will have one of our responsible personnel pickup your furs for storage. For a small fee, we can also add an antibacterial agent to furs during the cleaning process to sanitize them.