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What Is the Most Expensive Kind of Fur?

Fur has been valued for its class and glamour by people around the world. Fur coats have rich design history. The characteristics are as diverse and remarkable as the nations and societies that have nurtured them. The Russian region produces the most expensive kind of fur.

For quite a long time, genuine fur garments were a basic image of high status, luxury, glamour, and extravagance. In recent years, furs’ use had declined when numerous organizations stood for animals’ rights. Over the most recent couple of years, however, it has once again become popular among the masses, particularly in the very high-end market.

Have you at any point thought about what is the most expensive authentic fur garments out there? And why they cost to such an extent? We are here to address the secret for you! Check beneath to read about the richest and most expensive fur material in the world!

Lynx Fur

Lynx fur is exceptionally unique in color and pattern. It has a naturalistic tone that differs from beige-white to gold to medium and dark brown. The design is typically clustered and spotted. The tummy of a Lynx is entirely white with some black spots. Some lynx fur coats are made distinctly with fur from the belly of the lynx pelt. Therefore, they are white and expensive! A full belly lynx coat can cost from $30,000 to $100,000! To check lynx fur coats and their prices, click here!

Fluffy Canadian Lynx Fur Stroller Fur Store NYC

Fluffy Canadian Lynx Fur Stroller 

Image alt text: A woman wears a fluffy Canadian fur stroller that gives her an elegant look

Chinchilla Fur

Chinchilla fur is incredibly lightweight, yet it has the extensive hair thickness of any animal. It is recognized for its attractive blue-dark color and is pretty much popular because of its aesthetic and vibrant tone. No other fur is gentler or warmer or looks richer than a chinchilla fur coat. Chinchilla is hard to work with because they require a lot of care and attention. That is why it is comparatively costlier than other furs.

The costs of chinchilla furs range from $10,000 to $100,000. You can find the best chinchilla fur coats on our website.

Men’s Chinchilla Coat

Men’s Chinchilla Coat

Image alt text: A man wears a luxurious chinchilla fur coat

Sable Fur

Sable fur is known for its use in royal families since the Middle Ages. People of high stature in government or other royal institutions presented sable furs as a token of friendship. Russian sable fur is the most valuable, luxurious, and lavish material. It is the most expensive fur, particularly when there is a wealth of silver hair. They usually have a brown color with a silver cast. The value and quality of sable furs vary from region to region. In comparison, Russian sable is the most expensive fur globally. Meanwhile, the Canadian sable is to some degree more affordable than the sable furs of other regions.

The Siberian sable fur has a light and warm texture alongside the sexy and confident look that leaves a sophisticated impression on the personality.

Carolina Herrera Sable jacket

Carolina Herrera Sable jacket

Image alt text: A woman dons Carolina Herrera Sable Jacket that gives her an exclusive look

Origin Of Sable Fur

The sable (Martes zibellina) is a type of marten. It is a small omnivorous vertebrate fundamentally acclimatized to Russia’s forest conditions. Its territory borders are eastern Kazakhstan, China, North Korea, and Hokkaidō, Japan. Its reach in the wild initially stretched out through European Russia to Poland and Scandinavia. Initially, sable fur coats attracted people because of their valuable light brown and black-colored fur, which remains an extravagance and glamorous fur till the present time. In Russia, sable fur coats contribute to foreign trade and exchange till now.

Since the early Middle Ages, sable fur has been a highly valued item in earning foreign exchange. Generally, sable fur coats have the most beautiful and luxuriously colored pelt among martens. Sable fur is unique because it holds its perfection toward every path it strikes. Unlike other furs, the sable fur never gets rough or unpleasant. You can find the best collection of sable fur coats and vests here.

History Of Sable Fur

The value of fur coats is high since ancient times. They constitute a significant value as an indication of friendship and devotion. Charles V of Habsburg paid respect to Henry VIII of England by gifting him a soft article of sable clothing. The Mother of Genghis Khan’s first spouse received a sable fur coat as a present for the daughter’s wedding. Sable fur can be expensive and, therefore, to decide the cost, one should first note down all the expenses. The origin of the coat, the nature of the hair, the size, the number of skins utilized to make the coat, and the type of colors used by the clipper add to the price of the fur.

Qualities Of Sable Fur

Sable fur is silky and warm, due to which everyone loves wearing the sable fur coat. When you are ready to invest in a sable fur coat, you will not have to worry about its cost. The Russian sable furs are rare in this market because of their exceptional value and quality. These coats are light in weight but still very warm. If you are wearing a sable fur coat that too of Russian origin, you are already putting a glamorous impression on the gathering. But if you are tight on budget, wearing a Canadian Sable fur coat won’t be a problem either. Although in comparison to Russian sable fur, Canadian fur is low in quality. Siberian fur has a high value and top quality. Canadian coats appear to be similar to the Russian fur coats; however, they have a lesser cost.

Nonetheless, in the fur market, sable pelts are the most valuable fur coats, regardless of its limitation in recent years. A sable fur coat can cost from $10,000 to $500,000! In 2015, a sable coat came on top as the most expensive clothing ever made. It was a full-length sable fur coat with a cost of around 1,000,000 Euros.


Ways To Identify Authentic And Valuable Sable Fur

There are four ways to identify the quality of sable furs. Scroll down to know it.

  • You must consider the weight of the sable fur. The Russian and Canadian sable fur is comparatively lighter than any other type of fur.
  • You must feel the fabric and texture of the fur. The pelts of sable fur are dense and patterned.
  • The silkiness of sable fur coats makes them the most valuable fur coats in the whole wide world.
  • The dye and shade of colors play a significant part in maintaining the quality of sable fur. Russian sable furs include brown, earthy type color, with tips of silver that sometimes look blue-ish.
  • Always consider the price tag of the coat. If the price is less than the general price, your sable fur coat is not genuine.


Although there are many other furs such as lynx and chinchilla that are quite expensive, sable fur coats are by far the most expensive fur coat all around the world. Sable fur is known for its use by royal dynasties during Greco-Roman times as well as because of its soft and delicate material that leaves an eternal impression on people. The sable coat is the most luxurious and valuable fur coat; therefore, you will not regret buying it at all. If you are interested in adding such a luxurious fur coat to your wardrobe, visit our website now!

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