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Back in 1920, men used to freely spend their money on fur. At that time, it was a status symbol for their wearers—something that advertised their social standing and wealth. For instance, the popular silent actor Rudolph Valentino was also always photographed in fur coats during the winter season.

Till 1929, football games in winter comprised of an audience that consisted primarily of men wearing fur coats. The raccoon fur was especially high in demand in those days. This trend was duly noted and reported by the leading men fashion magazine of that time: Men’s Wear. The magazine explained how raccoon coat was a favorite for alumni and undergraduates who took part as players and spectators in these games.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the demand for fur coat rose to greater heights. In Europe, men wearing fur coats chose raccoon and beaver for their affordability while sable fur was bought by the richest of gentlemen.

The depression and World II then made quite a telling impact on men’s purchasing psychology and the sales of men related products dwindled. Thus, the sight of men in fur also became rare. However, as the USA and the world began to economically prosper again in the 1950s, slowly and gradually men in fur came back. Going ahead, the Peacock revolution also played a crucial role in the promotion of men in fur.  In the upcoming years, the rise of capitalism and consumer-oriented industries broke previously existed shackles. As a result, it advanced the manufacturing and production of fur both in terms of quantity and quality.

If you are unsure of when are the best times for men to wear fur, perhaps the following factors can help you to make up your mind.

Ice Fishing

No type of fishing tops ice fishing. It offers wholesome entertainment whenever you go out with your friends on a chilly weekend, away from the worries of the world. Bring out your mighty spears and fish hooks and let’s catch them all.

Whether you are fishing from a heated enclosure or you are out in the open, men wearing fur coats have their own charm; you can get good selfies for your social media. Thus, rather than looking like a caveman, wear a stylish fur coat. Since you cannot compromise on warmth, a mink fur coat can suit you the best. It is not one of the prettiest furs out there but its long guard hairs ensure that its dense fur can provide adequate warmth.

Men in Fox Stroller White Fox Collar


Christmas Party

If you have a winter event that comes only once a year, there is no need to spell it out: wearing fur is easily the smartest choice. Therefore, as soon as you are invited into a Christmas party, don fur to present yourself in a classier light.

If the winter is not too harsh, you can also opt for sheared coats. Sheared coats do not have guard hair and thus are not the warmest coasts. This reduction is what makes the fur sleeker and stylish. Hence, depending upon the weather, do consider a sheared fur coat. Or else, a standard beaver coat is good enough.

Men in Natural Blue Iris Mink Bomber Fur Jacket

Hip-Hop Statement

No one knows exactly what the actual reason is, but fur and hip-hop have formed a close bond. Rick Ross, Big Sean, Snoop Dogg, and other hip-hop artists have worn fur with gorgeous styles. You should also wear it to make a hip-hop statement in your everyday life, such as while going for a stroll in your neighborhood street.

Men in Fur with Ranch and Demi Jacket

Business Events

In business circles, first impressions are important. If you happen to own a startup or if you are looking to build up connections, men wearing fur can look a class apart from others. Therefore, make sure to wear fur jackets or vests to meet with a rich investor.

Mountain Climbing

Do you regularly climb up mountains as a hobby? Perhaps, you are a professional mountaineer. Regardless, spending time on the snow-capped mountains can be intensely painful. The winds at such heights can unnerve even the toughest of men. Hence, unsurprisingly, for some people, such adrenaline-powered adventures can end with hypothermia or even amputation. Luckily, due to the variety of fur, you can save yourself from freezing. Pick the thickest full-length coat and you fulfill your passion without any hindrance.


If you are only allowed in a winter fiesta that requires its participants to bring swag to get accepted, there are fewer options that are as chic and contemporary than fur garments and clothing; consider your entry as accepted. Men with chinchilla parka coats are sure to stand out from the rest. The combination of comfort, boldness, and glamour is simply irreplaceable.

Winter Sports

Are you going on a winter vacation with your family or friends? If you are an avid fan of winter sports, normal clothing is not going to suffice for you. Often, you want to ice skate for a long period of times but traditional winter coats don’t allow you to continue because of their lack of comfort. With a fur coat, you can skate as much as you want while at the same time, the soft, plushy fur can comfort you easily. Similarly, you can go on sleigh rides, take part in snowboarding, play ice hockey, and other sports with greater productivity and convenience.

Marc Kaufman Furs NYC

Now that you are aware of when are the best times for men to wear fur, you need to buy fur coats, jackets, vests, and accessories that you can wear on the right occasion. For this purpose, you cannot find better furs in both quality and affordability than Kaufman furs. Contact Marc Kaufman and order fur.