Whiskey Mink Fur Stroller Pleated Shawl Collar 8821


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This Whiskey Mink Fur Stroller with a Pleated Shawl Collar is a masterpiece of fur craftsmanship. The deep whiskey shade of the mink fur lends a classic, timeless look, while the intricate pleating of the shawl collar adds a unique, sophisticated touch. This stroller is perfect for those chilly evenings when style is as important as functionality. The softness of the mink ensures a luxurious feel, enveloping the wearer in comfort and elegance. The jacket’s construction allows for a comfortable fit, suitable for layering over both formal and informal attire. Whether attending a gala or a special dinner, this fur stroller stands out for its refined beauty and meticulous design.

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Mink Fur

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Fur Stroller