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Popularity of Fur

Since the early 19th century, fur apparel, especially mink fur, has been the ultimate symbol of femininity, elegance, and status. Be it a young fashionista or a graceful socialite,  no woman’s wardrobe can be complete without a mink coat. Even today, the cost of real mink fur apparel remains quite high. Read on to learn about the factors that determine the high price and popularity of clothing made of mink fur.

Mink fur coat

The Guard Hairs in Mink Fur Coats Are Fashionably Short

A fur coat’s guard hairs play a significant role in giving it that characteristic glossy color and shine. With the length of guard hairs also being considered equally important, mink fur with short-length guard hairs has become a popular choice. However, furs with longer guard hairs are trimmed to look similar. Though given the famously fickle nature of fashion, it may not be enough to pin the reputation of mink as a fur favorite, but looking at the facts, short-haired furs – mink fur to be exact – have been in fashion for more than 70 years.

Looking back at the 1930s, which was the Golden Age of Furs, long-haired furs such as fox, muskrat, and skunk were the most coveted, while short-hair furs were out of the picture. However, soon after the end of World War II, the love for mink suddenly rose and replaced all other types of fur. This was primarily because women were now able to work, and mink fur coats gave them an identity of their own by not making them look like trophies for male benefactors. Cutting a long story short, the love affair between mink fur and women has only been getting stronger.

model wearing mink fur coat


Mink Fur Is Warmer

When compared to synthetic materials, mink fur can provide you with much more heat retention. Because mink fur is naturally thicker, wearing it creates a protective layer of warmth around you that safeguards you from the biting winter breeze. Moreover, not only this, but mink fur also diverts air, which can improve the overall ventilation of your mink fur coat. For example, the Mahogany Mink Section Fox Tuxedo and Cuffs is a popular choice for people living in cooler regions as the mink fur works well in retaining body heat much better than all other types of winter coats.

Mink fur coat


Mink Fur Is Very Short

Do you like your furs to be as soft as a cloud? Mink fur will keep you satisfied for as long as you want. The softness of a fur reflects the density of its hair, and with 24,000 hairs per cm2, mink fur takes the prize. Being one of the densest and softest furs around the world, the short guarded hair will make you look elegant while keeping you warmer than all other furs.

lady wearing mink fur


Mink Fur Is Durable

Longevity is rarely the top consideration when it comes to choosing the right fur garment, otherwise everyone would be wearing heavy-weighted, hair-shedding wolverine fur coats and looking boxy and bulky. Though it might not be one of the toughest furs, with a ranking of 70 over 100, mink is renowned as the highest-ranking mustelids for something so soft and beautiful.

model wearing mink fur coat


Mink Fur’s Unique Texture and Voluminous Look

When it comes to softness, mink fur scores an 8 out of 10. A mink fur coat can have its hair stricken in the direction you want and that too without encountering any resistance. Manufactured from winter pelts, mink fur apparel has an elegantly flat appearance. This not only makes it light-weight and easy to carry but also gives you a cozy feel without the need to overburden yourself with layers of furs while trying to keep yourself warm. Have a look at the Ruffled Mink Trim Skin on Skin Shawl Collar fur coat.

Mink fur coat


Mink Supply Is Flexible and Reliable

The categories in which mink fur apparel always comes out on top is flexibility and reliability. From top fashion designers to industry manufacturers to retailers, almost everyone bases their collection on the raw materials they know will be available. In the fur category, that usually means mink. However, ironically, consumers who drive the fur business aren’t interested in mink’s continuing process. Still, at the end of the day, everyone is prone to buy what’s available, and that makes mink fur a favorite.

Being locked in a self-perpetuating cycle of success, with all of its other merits, mink fur creates demand, which stimulates the supply, resulting in being the leader of the fur world. It might not be the easiest to farm, the most durable, or the warmest to wear, but even today, it somehow ranks the highest in every class, which is why the industry wants it, the people want it, and most importantly, you want it!


Mink Fur Apparel Is Available In a Rainbow of Colors

Although the color of the fur coat, the popularity of fur, shouldn’t significantly impact its price tag, especially since mink fur can be found in a full spectrum of colors, however, the natural color of the pelt is significant. That’s why Blackglama and black cross are more costly than synthetically dyed fur pelts. Being the most elite mink fur, blackglama can be defined as naturally black, very plush, shiny, and soft fur. A Blackglama fur coat can cost as much as $5,000-50,000. Click here to have a look at the forever Classic Blackglama Mink Coat. Moreover, brown shades such as mahogany are considered the most popular, affordable, and elite.


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