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Furs are a must-have addition to your winter wardrobe! Whether you have a sable fur coat, a faux fur jacket, or a warm stole, opting for professional fur storage is the key to maintaining the quality and beauty of your fur apparel. Like our skin, fur is organic, and so it needs special care in different weather conditions. At professional fur storage, the highly trained experts do their best to protect your fur from insects, decay, sunlight, heat, crowded conditions, and even persisting unpleasant odors – anything that can destroy the fur’s authenticity forever. Read on to learn the importance of opting for professional fur storage.

What Is Fur Storage?

Owning fur isn’t only about making a fashion statement. Maintaining the quality of your fur apparel is also an investment that can make it last a lifetime. This is where climate-controlled professional fur storage saves the day. From environmental conditions to the method of storage, there are several factors that can directly affect the life and quality of your fur apparel. The three key factors of professional fur storage are mentioned below:

1. Humidity

Humidity plays a significant role in maintaining the quality of your fur apparel during the storage period. Too low humidity can cause the natural fur oils to evaporate and the leather to become brittle, while too high humidity can break down or rot fur. In short, professional fur storage has the ideal 45-55% humidity range, which is impossible to get at home.

2. Space

Space is the second most important factor when storing fur apparel. This is primarily because your fur should have enough space to breathe. There should be sufficient air circulation within the enclosed space so that fur coats can be rotated periodically without any overlapping.

3. Temperature

Temperature-controlled environments are a necessity when storing furs. This is mainly because ever-changing temperature cycles can cause the natural materials of your fur apparel to break down. At professional fur storage such as Marc Kaufman Furs, we have cold warehouses that maintain the temperature of the fur vault to 45-55 degrees and slow the process of degradation of the fur lining and evaporation of natural oils.

fur being cleaned


Significance of Investing in Professional Fur Storage

Generally, people believe that storing your furs in a cedar closet or at home during the summer months and not spending the extra money on professional fur storage is okay. However, what they don’t know is that imbalanced environmental conditions and the presence of rodents can permanently destroy the quality of your fur apparel . Not only this, but the fixture cost can end up burning a hole in your pocket. This is where on-site professional fur storage has everything that you need. Here are some reasons why you should opt for professional fur storage over your own closet:

1. It Boosts Your Fur’s Life Span

One thing that you must know if you are a fur lover is that fur clothing lasts a lifetime. You can only accomplish this by facilitating your fur apparel with the appropriate care and the perfect storage environment. However, the task is much easier to attain by utilizing professional fur storage services. This is necessary because storing your furs at home puts them at risk of being exposed to all types of hazardous elements and harmful conditions such as sunlight and moths. These can result in causing extensive irreversible damage to your fur. Therefore, the only way to keep your fur apparel in great shape is by getting them stored at the professional storage space at Marc Kaufman Furs.

2. Helps Maintain the Aesthetic Appeal and Function of Fur Apparel

The wish for every fur owner is to make sure that it remains in its original condition for as long as possible. This is where taking advantage of professional fur storage will help! The controlled environment of your fur closet will help increase the life of your fur apparel and maintain its original aesthetic appeal.

3. Prevents Evaporation of Oils

Did you know that natural oils play a vital role in keeping your fur apparel soft and glossy? Therefore, in cold professional fur storages, the risk of evaporation of the natural oils decreases, keeping your fur feeling soft, shiny and pliable even after years of ownership.

Fur Storage

4. It Provides Protection from Dust Particles, Mold and Other Insects

The most noticeable benefit of opting for professional fur storage is its cleanliness and hygiene. These storage spaces are maintained by experts in the field and designed to ensure that no insect or unwanted organism is present in the storage facility. This means that regardless of how long you keep your fur apparel in storage, a professional fur storage expert will keep it as safe as possible from all harmful elements.

5. The Experts Take Care of Your Fur Apparel in Other Ways

Little do people know about this, but when opting for professional fur storage, you pay for more than just storing away your fur apparel for the summers; you pay for its insurance. Once you bring your fur coat to professional fur storage, the experts will start by inspecting the apparel for possible damage. They will then repair, clean, glaze, and condition your fur apparel before preserving it for the next snowy season. In short, the main aim of every professional fur storage space is to maintain your fur apparel’s integrity and give it back to you in the very condition that you handed it over for safekeeping.


Fur coat being repaired before storage

Get Your Fur Apparel Stored With Marc Kaufman Furs!

If you are one of those people who find themselves grappling over the type of fur storage that they should opt for, let us tell you that professional fur storage is always the ideal choice, especially if you can afford it. With over 150 years of experience in the fur industry, the professionals at  Marc Kaufman Furs have seen and dealt with it all. Protect your fur investment by storing your fur at our furrier premises. Book an appointment right away!