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Fur Fashion Trends

As the temperature drops, fashionistas from around the world begin bringing out their fashion A-game to keep up with the changing trends of the season. Similarly, for winter 2024, we saw various new trends featuring bright colors, some bold looks, and women being unapologetically reflecting their personality through their outfits.

However, this winter, 2022, gave us massive nostalgia and brought back memories from the early 1900s – because this winter, we saw the return of the timeless fur. We saw fur jackets and capes in sharp, yet unique colors paired with matching accessories – and we couldn’t be more delighted!

Want to know more about winter fashion trends for 2024 featuring fur? Keep reading!

Winter Fashion Trends for 2024

fashion trends 2022

1. Layering with Multi-color Fur Vest 

As we said earlier, colors have been a huge part of winter fashion trends this year. For years we have seen monotoned outfits and neutral colored jackets being draped over boring outfits. But this winter, we have seen women make daring choices by wearing all the colors they love!

Such as this beautiful multi-colored fur vest which is absolutely our favorite as well. The bright yellow and shocking pink is eye-catching – if you want to go out and get some heads turning, you need to get this gorgeous multi-colored fox vest!

winter fashion trends

2. Balloon and Puffed-up Sleeves

You must have seen girls wearing a fit shirt but super loose and huge sleeves? Well, those are balloon or puffed-up sleeves, and as per vogue, these sleeves are here to stay! Puffed up sleeves have made their way from summers to winters. While this fashion trend started back in 2023 for summery clothes – especially those made of georgette and meshed net fabrics, winter trends quickly caught up with it.

Now we see warm clothes with balloon sleeves, and honestly, nothing looks better. They are perfect for giving your boring outfit a dramatic look and making a statement with your outfit wherever you go. And they look even better and lavish when made of fur. So why wait? Get this super cute yet luxurious-looking yellow bolero fur jacket with puffed-up sleeves!

fur poncho winter fashion trends

3. Hooded Fur Ponchos

Ponchos are another blessing we got from the winter fashion trends of 2022. There is no doubt that ponchos are super cute and comfortable – they are among the most convenient clothing item to wear in winter. You can honestly pair it with anything – just slip it on, and you are good to go. And this is why  fur capes and ponchos are perfect for daily wear.

However, what makes them even better is a hood attached to them. We saw fashionistas donning hooded fur ponchos this winter, and nothing looked more cozy and trendy than this! And this is why we have been recommending everyone to invest in a hooded fur poncho asap – so you must also get your hands on this Fuschia knit mink poncho.

fur jacket winter fashion

4. Barbie Pink Fur Jacket and Coat

This is one good piece of news for all the girly girls – Barbie color has made its way back to fashion trends this winter. As we said, winter 2024 brought back memories from the late 1990s and early 2000s, when we all loved dressing up in Barbie pink clothes with our matching sunglasses and a tiny purse.

This winter, there is no stopping you. Get yourself a pink mini skirt and knee-high boots and pair them with this extravagant and lavish looking Barbie pink fox fur coat – and you are sure about to become an idol for all the little girls you meet on the way!

winter fashion trends 2022

5. Fur shawls

Fur shawls are another fashion trend that came with winter 2022! They are super convenient t0o carry around, and you don’t need to make any alterations to your outfit to carry a fur shawl. Just drape one on anything – be it a dress or just jeans and a t-shirt – a fur shawl will look perfect with just about anything. So don’t hesitate and get your hands on this super cool and rich-looking baby blue fox fur shawl.

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