Oatmeal Mist Colored Alpaca Coat Fox Trim Size Medium 84747


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Oatmeal Mist Colored Alpaca Coat Fox Trim

Durability and Piling

Piling usually happens in fabrics with shorter hair. Cashmere fibers are four centimeters long, while alpaca fibers measure between eight to twelve centimeters. Because of this, piling happens more often in cashmere sweaters than in alpaca sweaters. And since alpaca fibers are more durable, they are also more water-resistant, long-lasting, and retain their luster long after cashmere pills and gets that worn look and feel.


Cashmere sweaters will provide you with good insulation, but alpaca further elevates this mandatory sweater requirement. Alpaca wool’s construction provides a hollow core that traps a pocket of air inside it. This means the fiber can warm up quickly and stay insulated longer. It also breathes through these air pockets, effectively moderating the temperature. Cashmere does not have the same fiber structure, therefore, cannot provide the same level of insulation as alpaca fiber.

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