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Marc Kaufman Furs NY Signs Global Exclusive Contract For Ultimate Luxury Fur

On November 28th Marc Kaufman of Marc Kaufman Furs in NYC signed a contract to become the only fur company in the United States that can make and distribute 24 carat gold coated mink furs, 24 carat gold coated chinchilla furs, 24 carat sable furs. With every single follicle on these garments coated in pure 24 carat gold, this is a very expensive process, yielding beautiful results.

This 24 carat gold mink will only be available at Marc Kaufman Furs NY. 

This 24 carat gold mink will only be available at Marc Kaufman Furs NY.

Marc Kaufman Furs of NY is in contract with Nobline of Switzerland to design and manufacture a new fur line which will use a new fur process that infuses 24 carat gold onto any fur. This process will merge the beauty of fur and the opulence of 24 carat gold.


This unique and proprietary 24 carat gold infusing process is accomplished in Switzerland by Nobline.

Marc Kaufman Furs has taken its first order for a Man’s mink 24 carat mink jacket for an undisclosed global celebrity.




Since 1870 The Marc Kaufman Fur family has been designing quality furs and creating designer wear in NYC . We have a large, selection of designer fur coats and fur jackets at wholesale pricing. Full length designer fur coats, designer mink coats, fur jackets, fox coats, fox jackets, sable coats, and sable strollers. We specialize in fur storage, fur cleaning, fur repairs and fur remodeling. Furrier on Premises all the time

For the softest in furs we have the finest Chinchilla trimmed mink coats, chinchilla coats, chinchilla jackets, lynx coats. Enjoy your shopping experience at Marc Kaufman Furs, NYC ‘s Best Place to Shop in New York City for furs. Professional fur storage, fur cleaning, fur remodeling and fur repairs. Furrier on premises. Layaways and Fur Rentals available.

Marc Kaufman Furs NYC

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