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Mens Furs

When you think of fur, you possibly imagine women wearing a luxurious full-length fur coat with matching fur accessories. Most men also buy fur for women in their lives. For too long, women have been enjoying the comfort and style that comes with adorning fur. There is no reason why men should avoid one of the most luxurious ways to show off their style. In fact, when furs were first used, it was used by men because they were more likely to go out in the cold weather to hunt for food.

Because of their durability, trendy style, and status symbol, fur outwears have been added to everyday fashion style. Fur garments have evolved over the period of time and are now easier to find and are available in all shapes, sizes, and colors for both, men and women. Men’s fur fashions are almost as varied as women’s styles. Fur has also been a popular choice for Hollywood celebrity men during recent red carpet events. From Jay-Z, who loves fur coats with large collar, to Justin Bieber, who make powerful statements with fur hats and boots – all celebrities are favoring and embracing fur fashion because of its elegance.

With a few tips for how to wear a men’s fur coat, you’ll realize there’s no look you can’t wear. Don’t limit yourself; make fur an essential extension of your style.

6 Fashion Tips to Ensure You Always Look Stylish

1. Choose the Right Length

different styles of men fur

Women’s fur coats are available in a variety of styles and lengths. This is because women use their coats for a variety of purposes; men, on the other hand, are usually wearing a coat because they are warm and comfortable. However, by selecting the right length, you can also make a style statement. Select a length that complements your height and weight. In general, most men’s coats are knee-long in length. However, with fur evolving to suit men’s styles as well, there are now shorter and trendier coats available for men as well, such as fur vests and the bomber jacket.

2. Opt For Colors That Compliments You

Fur for women is available in a wide range of colors. But for men, often darker colors are more readily available. However, now varieties of color options are also available for men. This Burgandy Red Mink Stroller for men from Marc Kaufman Furs is ideal for those who want to step out of their comfort zone this winter.

different colors of men fur

Men should take their time to opt for colors that best suit their skin tone and style. When buying fur, your goal should be to buy fur pieces that enhance your overall look rather than dumbing down your personality. Get your money’s worth and style your fur coat throughout the winter season, instead of letting it sit in your closet. So, opt for the right length and color to avoid wasting money on a coat you won’t wear.

3. Fur Jackets Never Goes Out of Fashion

different styles of men fur

You can make a style statement by wearing a fur jacket or car coat. Fur jackets are more casual in look and are easier for day-to-day wear. Instead of overwhelming your body frame with a heavy coat, you can look for a variety of designs that are available in fur jackets. Fur jackets are available for everyone; there are hooded, reversible, and styled with a puffer jacket commonly available. Fur jackets also look good when paired with regular clothes as it completes the overall look without you making much effort for it. For a much luxurious look, you can also invest in fur jackets in eye-popping colors as they look more chic and luxurious.

4. Full-Length Furs Are Hard To Resist

different styles of men fur

You can always choose to stay in your comfort zone. Men’s furs are mostly available in long lengths because men generally are more comfortable styling their outfits with a long heavy fur coat. Men can make long fur coats also street-fabulous by accessorizing them with a gold-plated cane or belt. To further enhance your looks, you can also opt for long fur coats other than neutral colors.

5. Shearling Jacket to Make a Style Statement

different styles of men fur

Men who don’t want to compromise on their style can opt for shearling coats or jackets.  A shearling jacket remains on top of the list for popular men’s fur choices. Shearling coats, due to their casual appearance and soft material, are ideal for everyday use. It helps you stay warm while the outside of the coat adds style and color to your outfit. It is best used as an accent piece, something that is the center of focus in your whole dress. It works best when paired with clothes that have light to no color.

6. Don’t Forget the Fur Accessories

different styles of men fur

If your fur coat is highly textured and heavy, it would be a good idea to opt for a solid column of color, so the heavyweight of the coat doesn’t hide you underneath it, while still allowing you to look sleek. And if you are going for a coat that combines color, patterns, and designs, then you can opt for simple yet elegant fur accessories like hats, stole, or earmuffs to go with it. You can also enhance your look by wearing a fur stole or scarf as they would never go out of fashion for men.

Shop for Men Fur at Kaufman Furs

The fur on men can also look stylish and trendy. With styles evolving every day for women, men should also not stay behind. If you are searching for a perfect coat for men or jacket, check out Marc Kaufman Furs.  Kaufman furs have been an essential part of America’s fur production since 1870. The quality of Mark Kaufman furs is second to none, and they also stand out because they offer a variety of services, from cleaning and storing furs, to remodeling them for you. They also have a vast collection of coats and jackets both for women and women. Their fur accessories are the best if you are into stoles, scarves, and hats.