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7 Creative Ideas for Fur

Fur is a versatile material that can help you let your creative side out. There are many ways to get creative with fur. Because it has such high durability and comfort, it is one of the most sought-after materials worldwide. Furthermore, fur can indeed make anything look like a luxury – be it a fur coat, jacket, throw, bag, or a poncho. There is nothing more stylish than fur. Read these 7 creative ideas for fur by Marc Kaufman!

It is undoubtedly true that fur never goes out of fashion. Therefore, adding it to your look or your home’s interior can be a glamorous addition! So, to help you get creative with fur, the following are a few ideas we have put together for you.

  1. Fur Vest

Fur vests are comfy, glamourous, and the epitome of vogue. Indeed, wearing a fur coat can enhance your outfit. You can get creative with fur vests in many different ways! Firstly, decide on whether you want a casual, formal, sporty, or chic look. You can certainly style your fur vest in any way you want. For instance, you can pair this pink mink fur vest with leather tights, a turtleneck bodysuit, and some combat boots. This outfit will make you look incredibly chic and fashionable.

Pink Mink Vest

Pink Mink Vest

Image alt text: Woman looks chic wearing the pink mink fur vest

Furthermore, if you wish to get more creative with the fur vest, style it with a funky skirt, bell sleeves, and knee-length boots. That is a fashion statement right there!

  1. Fur Throw

Another creative way to use fur is using it as a throw! For instance, you can use the throw on your bed or your couch. Indeed, a fur throw would look stunning as an addition to your house interior. It can add a rustic look to the entire space. Furthermore, let’s not forget the comfort and warmth it provides! So, trust us when we say a fur throw can warm up your living room or your bedroom. Imagine how cozy your winter months would be with a gorgeous, warm fur throw.

  1. Fur Leg Warmers

If you want protection from the chilly days and nights, you will love a good fur leg warmer! This is an excellent way of getting creative with fur, as you can add it to your pair of boots and make yourself a gorgeous pair of leg warmers. In addition to feeling warm and comfortable, you will look incredibly chic and like the epitome of high fashion.

  1. Fur Poncho

Are you looking for something a little classier than a fur vest? Well, look no further. Another way to get creative with fur is by wearing it as a poncho. Fur ponchos are certainly great at making anyone look glamourous and feel like a luxury. Not only are they warm, but they bring a chic element to all of your outfits that make you stand out in any crowd. For example, you can don this blue fox poncho on any outfit, such as an evening dress or simple black pants and shirt.

In short, a fur poncho is the best way to get creative with fur and your outfit!


Blue Fox Poncho


Image alt text: Woman pairs a blue fox poncho with washed-out denim and knee-length boots

  1. Fur Bag

Fur bags are an excellent way to showcase your creative side and your style. Donning a fur bag can certainly make the simplest of outfits look incredibly chic and stand out. In addition, they are the definition of vogue! It does not matter what outfit you are wearing – sporty, chic, formal, office attire, or boho-chic – a fur bag is a highly versatile and creative way of styling yourself.

For example, you can pair a black tank top, leopard print mini-skirt, and these fantastic Gucci sunnies with the orange fox fur bag below. Indeed, you will look like a model straight off the Paris Fashion Week runway!

Orange Fox Fur Bag

Orange Fox Fur Bag

Image alt text: A stunning orange fox fur bag you can pair with your outfits

  1. Fur Floor Rug

Floor rugs made out of fur are pretty famous and can spice up the look of your house significantly. Indeed, you can use fur floor rugs to make your living space look warmer, chicer, and much more inviting. You can use the fur floor rug in the living room near your couches to make space look cozier. Furthermore, these rugs look beautiful in the bedroom too! Place it near the foot of your bed and watch your room’s look turn luxurious.

Indeed, there is no point denying how creative you can get with a fur floor rug and how nicely it can blend with your furniture.

  1. Fur Coat

Fur coats have been in the fashion game for a very long time now. Indeed, they define luxury and elegance. But, you can also get creative with your fur coats. Who said they are only meant to be worn on special events? Let your creativity flow as you choose a fur coat for yourself.

For example, check out this beautiful Canadian Lynx coat. You can pair it with an evening dress, plain denim, a white shirt, a skirt, a tank top, or your work clothes. There is no doubt denying its beauty and how it makes your creative side jump out!

Canadian Lynx Coat

Canadian Lynx Coat

Image alt text: Woman wearing a long Canadian Lynx Coat along with black boots


It is always good to let one’s creativity flow. Fur is an excellent way to get creative. We hope the list of things you could creatively use fur has helped you out. Marc Kaufman Furs has been designing quality furs since 1870 and has created a vast inventory of designer wear. If you are interested in fur coats, jackets, strollers, accessories, and much more, you should certainly check out the website. You can find different types of fur there, such as Mink, Sable, Chinchilla, Fox, and much more.

To sum it up, fur is creative and versatile, along with the feel and look of luxury.