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If you want your fur coats to last for decades, you need to take care of them. Owning an exquisite garment will improve your fashion style, but if you don’t know how to repair fur coats to their former glory after seasons of use, you will not be able to wear them again.

Fur coats are incredibly delicate, and one must adequately care for them if they want their money’s worth. Only a true fur lover realizes the true potential of their coats and knows when and how to restore fur coats.  Read on ahead to learn all about how you can repair fur coats to maintain their value, shine, and glamour.

3 Common Ways your Fur Coats can be Damaged

How to restore fur coat

Before we dive into the repairing process, let’s have a look at some of the common ways your fur coats can be damaged. You will be surprised how many things around you can significantly lower your coat’s extravagance.

By Getting Bald Patches

A common problem fur coat owners will be aware of is bald patches. But why do they happen? There are many reasons, such as extensive use, friction with bags and belts, and much more. But the most common cause is pests. Pests are as attracted to fur coats as you are and can cause holes and rips in them easily.

By Becoming Dull and Dry

One of the reasons people consider fur repair is that their fur coats lose their shine and become dull and dry over time. Now keep in mind that this is not your average garment material. Thus this luxurious item is easily affected by heat and humidity and disrupts the fur’s natural oils, giving it a dull appearance.

By Becoming Delicate

Fur coats can sustain severe damage over time, especially if the use is excessive. For example, the pelt’s stitching can come loose, hooks and belts can cause tears and rips. Thus, you end up with a fur coat that is too tattered to be worn.

Before you become a firm believer that there is no going back from these damages, we are here to offer some good news. Fur repair, although left to the professionals mostly, can be done at home as well. Let’s discuss these options in detail.

Best Ways of Repairing Fur Coats

Although it’s best to take extra precautions when wearing a men’s furs or women coat, accidents happen, and repairs become evident and necessary. We have listed out some of the best ways you can handle these situations and make sure your luxurious fur coat remains the talk of the town.

Doing it Yourself

When faced with a fur coat repair emergency, it’s best to hand them over to professional furriers. But if it’s something minor and urgent, you can take care of it yourself. Tears and rips are common when it comes to fur garments. The best way to go on about this is by sewing it yourself.

Don’t panic! It’s quite easy. You just need the right tools. Choose a thin needle so that you don’t further damage your coat, and use a thicker thread so that the hold is strong and not prone to coming loose. And then use the basic sewing technique, nothing complex or fancy.

Keep in mind that this repair is temporary, and you need to go to a professional to get the job done.

Contact a Furrier

Unfortunately, your fur coat will experience more damage than you can handle yourself. That’s where the Marc Kaufman Furs professional furriers come in. Asking a tailor to mend your fur coat is a big no. Not only do they not have the proper equipment, but they also are not trained in the art of caring for a fur coat.

Furriers are skilled in buying, selling, and repairing fur coats. Thus, make sure to choose a professional fur salon that can handle worn edges, loose buttons and seams, and lining changes to restore your fur to its beautiful self.

Consider Restyling

Another option that is recommended for fur coat repair is restyling it. Restyling is best when your original fur coat is highly damaged and needs extensive care. In such cases, you can ask your furrier to add matching or new pelts, change the length and style, and give it a new flair. This is your chance to get creative, as you will walk away not only with a repaired fur coat but also a new one. Marc Kaufman Furs has years of experience in restyling and remodeling fur garments.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Fur Coat Damage

Why let them get harmed in the first place. If you genuinely want your fur coats to last a lifetime, follow the preventive measures below, so you never have to deal with fur repairs.

  • Store fur coats in a dry closet with room to breathe.
  • Hang your fur coats in a cloth bag to avoid gathering dust and dirt.
  • Use a fur brush to detangle the furs.
  • It’s best not to let your fur coat drag on the road and avoid sitting on them.
  • Prevent contact from heat and humidity by creating special fur storage spaces.

Final Words

Now that you know how to repair fur coat, you can decide if you want to take professional help or do it yourself. Your furs are precious to you, and with the attentive care they need, it’s difficult to manage the damage at home. As fellow fur lovers, we highly recommend going to a skilled furrier to care for the repairs. Marc Kaufman Furs has over 150 years of experience manufacturing, selling, repairing, and restoring fur garments. They specialize in fur cleaning and repairing and will restore life to your fur coat. So what are you waiting for? Visit their site now!