Designer Furs Mink Coats Full length Mink Coat. We are showing a beautiful selection of the finest fashion full length mink coats at wholesale pricing. Any of our Mink coats that you see can be made in any size or color. In addition if you prefer a sleeve on one garment, a collar (shawl, wing, notch, etc.) of another garment and the length of a different fur, we can design it specially for you. In addition if you have a specific style that you like and don’t see on our sight we can price for you and make. We need 4-6 weeks to custom make. Made in the USA. fur vests fur jacket

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Multi Colored Knit Rabbit Fur Vest Sale!
Multi Colored Mink Fur Vest Sale!
Multi Colored Fox Fur Vest Sale!
Lynx Fur Vest Sale!
Cross Fox Fur Vest Hood Sale!
Black Four Toned Nappa Shearling and Suede Vest
Brown Fox Fur Vest Sale!
Gray Sapphire Mink Fur Sort Sleeved Jacket Sale!
Mink Fur Checkered Vest Sale!
Chinchilla Fur Shrug Sale!
Zuki Furs Mink Green Sheared Beaver Floral Fur Vest
Zuki Green Aster Sheared beaver Fur Vest
Zuki Onyx Neon Flower Sheared beaver fur vest
Zuki Pink Blue Venice nights Beaver Vest
Patchwork Fox Fur Vest Sale!
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