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Fur Pick Up and Fur Delivery Available

We are offering Zero Contact Storage Pick up Due to The Corona Virus

Due to the Corona Virus, We are Discounting the Fur Cleaning and Fur Storage Prices for this season.

 An Anti Bacterial Agent  is added to our Cleaning Process

Pickup, Delivery Fur Storage NYC, and Cleaning

$95 per garment

$25 Pick-Up with Delivery Charge, 50 Mile radius (no limit in the amount of garments)

Fur Storage and Cleanings for Shearlings, Fur Lined, Leather, and Chinchilla Garments cost $115

All Furs Need to Be Cleaned Due To Corona Virus

Fur Storage Fur Cleaning

Cold Fur Storage Since 1870

We will pick up your fur coats for fur storage and fur cleaning within a 50 mile radius of NYC. This includes New York, Nassau, Suffolk County and parts of New Jersey

Fur Storage and Fur Cleaning by a Professional Furrier is vitally important
to your fur garment.

Over 150 Years of Expert Fur Service

A fur coat exposed to heat and humidity will be slightly stiffer as it ages, since it’s leather has lost some of its natural oils and dried out a bit. Eventually this drying will lead to cracking of the leather and excessive fur loss due to shedding.

Protect your investment, store your fur coat with a professional furrier every summer. Professional Fur Storage NYC and Fur Cleaning NY:

Furrier on Premises 

Fur Storage $70 (Pickup and Delivery) within 50 miles of NYC
Fur Storage Fur Cleaning Fur Storage NYC Fur Cleaning NYC Fur Repairs

Marc Kaufman Furs
212 West 30th st
NYC NY 10001
212 563 3877
By Appointment Only

Fur Cleaning

Cost $65 for fur cleaning with an anti-bacterial agent added. This price is pertaining to fur jackets and fur coats.

Cost $85 fur Cleaning for Shearlings, Leather, Sheared Furs,  Reversible Garments, Chinchilla Coats and Jackets

Special hand cleaning for delicate furs also available.

Fur Cleaning and Maintaining your fur on regular basis insures decades
of enjoyable use.

Fur cleaning and storage

Fur cleaning and storage time is here

Fur Coat Cleaning

Fur Glazing is process of bringing out the natural luster and sheen of a fur after it has been cleaned. It involves a steaming and ironing process that differs with each type of fur. Glazing will restore the life, luster and beauty of your garment. Fur cleaning is performed by hand using a mild biodegradable fur cleaning solution delicately sprayed into the fur by our professional fur cleaner. The cleaning solution, carefully removes dirt and excess oil from the coat. This process is the safest and most efficient way of cleaning your fur. Expert Cleaning in Shearling Fur and Expert in Shearling Alterations and Repair We Do Not Tumble or Drum You Fur In Our Fur Cleaning Process.


We specialize in cleaning fur rugs, clean fur blankets and clean fur throws fur storage fur cleaning fur storage New York fur cleaning Manhattan fur repairs fur storage fur cleaning fur storage NYC fur cleaning NY fur repairs Professional Fur Storage NYC and Fur Cleaning NY

We specialize in cleaning smoke damaged fur, moth damaged fur cleaning or any other damages that will require special fur cleaning services.

clean fur coat

Marc Kaufman Furs
212 West 30th st
NYC NY 10001
By Appointment Only
212 563 3877

Expert Fur Remodeling Section

We Do Not Tumble or Drum your Fur in our
Fur Cleaning Process

Fur Repairing

We provide Expert Fur Repairs , Fur Alterations and Fur Remodeling to your garment in order for your Fur too keep young and beautiful again.

Marc Kaufman Furs Inspects your fur by our professional furriers to make sure your that any other additional damage isn’t on your fur. Rips and Tears are the most common repairs and require our furriers to open the lining of the garment to reinforce the torn area and sew it back up again. The fur repair will not be visible from outside the garment.

Shearling repairs and alterations available

We can also alter your fur a fur remodeling program to design a current style. When your favorite fur becomes outdated, bring it to us and we will change it to have the new modern look.

Fur Remodeling Section kaufmanfurs.com

Best furrier NYC

Fur Storage NYC, Fur Cleaning NY, Fur Repair and Expert Fur Remodeling fur storage fur cleaning fur storage nyc fur cleaning nyc fur repairs

Marc Kaufman Furs
212 West 30th st
NYC NY 10001
By Appointment Only
212 563 3877

Expert Shearling Cleaning,shearling alterations and shearling repair. If your fur coat is too large or too small, we can alter your fur garment to fit you properly clean fur coat

Fur Alterations

Fur Remodel Style

If you have a fur coat or a shearling jacket that is either to big or small, we specialize in custom resizing your valuable fur. Marc Kaufman Furs can change the style of your fur and update it to the current fur fashion.

Since Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are not doing fur storage, we will be happy to accommodate their customers.

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