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demi mink cape with a Canadian lynx hood

The Benefits of Real Fur

Lady Gaga’s love for real fur is not hidden. She once called it the “museum pièce de résistance”. Indeed, it is hard not to complement the best real fur coats,Read More

The Types of Fur Coats That You Need to Know About

The Types of Fur Coats That You Need to Know About

Fur coats have been a fashion statement for quite some time now. Scientists estimate that humans began to use fur clothing around 170,000 years ago, mainly to keep themselves warmRead More

Real Fur vs. Faux Fur – How to Tell the Difference

Real Fur vs. Faux Fur: Which One to Choose From? When it ultimately boils down to a choice between real fur or faux fur, real fur offers a bigger advantage.Read More

mink fur coat with chinchilla trim

How to Check the Quality of a Mink Coat

Few coats are as glamorous as a mink coat, stylish, and opulent as an authentic mink coat. The feel and look are a class of their own.  Mink sets theRead More

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What to Look For in a High-Quality Fur Coat?

Have you been lately itching to purchase fur coats? Did a Hollywood celebrity’s fur catch your eye? Want to know how to buy a fur? If the answer is yesRead More

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How to Clean and Care for Natural Fur Coats

Picture this. Winter finally rolls around and you rush to your closet to take out the fur coat you have been dying to wear for months. Prepare for your heartRead More

Where did Jlo buy Fox Coat

Cardi B And JLO Are Fur Queens

Cardi B and Jlo Are Majestic In Furs All Hail The Queens of Fur Cardi B and JLO are fur queens. Both A listers rocked New York City this pastRead More

JLO Jennifer Lopez Rocks Fur Coat Hustler Movie

JLO Jennifer Lopez Rocks Marc Kaufman Furs

Jenny Back On The Block In Golden Island Fox Fur Coat Who Said Fur Is Not En Vogue Anymore ? Jennifer Lopez rocks a Marc Kaufman Fur. The set ofRead More

Peta Challenges Minority Group Fur Ownership

Banning Shearling Uggs Furs In NYC

Shearling Uggs and Furs On The Shearing Block The Plan To Ban Banning shearling uggs and furs in New York City is being proposed. The city council of New YorkRead More

Erykah Badu Fur Fitness

Peta Challenges Minority Group Fur Ownership

Peta Seeks To Prevent Minority Fur Coat Ownership More Than Just An Attack Against Legitimate Business   Peta challenges minority groups fur ownership. It is true. The optics may focusRead More

Millennials Really Like Real Fur

Millennials Like The Real Deal Don’t Believe The Hype It’s True. Most millennials really like real fur. Millennials are not staunch activists against the real fur coat or fur relatedRead More

Lady Gaga Reigning Fur Queen

Lady Gaga Reigning Fur Queen

Lady Gaga Is A Walking Red Carpet Gaga For Fur Lady Gaga is the reigning queen of fur. There is little substantive proof to refute this. Alone,she is a forceRead More