Nicki Minaj Has Strong Fur Game

Nicki Minaj Has Strong Fur Game

Nicki’s “Minaj-erie” Fur Game In Effect Nicki Minaj has strong fur game. The rapper extraordinaire keeps it hot,even in the cold of deep winter . Long the center of theRead More

Cardi B Fur Thirst

Cardi B Fur Thirst Is Real

Cardi B:Furs-t In Line Fur Fashionista The Cardi B fur thirst is real. Not only is she hip hops’s recent savant,she is a fashion lightning rod. Cardi B  has burstRead More

Coyote Fur Fashion

Coyote Fur Fashion Demand

Coyote Furs In Demand Call Of The Wild Coyote fur Fashion is all the rage in the winter of 2019. The resurgence and primary focus on coyote fur is seismicRead More

Fur Coats Rule Empire

Fur Coats Rule Empire

Cookie Lyon Presides in Fur Coats Fur Drip Fur coats rule the empire..”Empire” the television phenomenon that is. For the past 5 seasons,television audiences have been entranced with the highlyRead More

Kacey Musgrave 2019 Grammy Awards

2019 Grammy Awards Fur Coat Presence

The Sound And The Fur-y Fur Flies At The 2019 Grammy Awards The 2019 Grammy Awards was highlighted by the presence of real fur coats. The week long celebration ofRead More

Kim Kardashian Loves Fur

Kim K and The Fur Coat That Could Crushing On Fur Kim Kardashian loves fur . She is a fashion assassin; she kills in anything she wears. Kim is theRead More

Red Carpet Fur Coat Magic

Red Carpet Fur Coat Magic

Fur Lined Glamour Shock and Awe Red Carpet Fur Coat Magic. That’s the ticket! Red carpets around the world are fashion spectacles to behold. This is the place where stars(celebrities)Read More

Jason Derulo Marc Kaufman Furs Celebrity Furrier

Marc Kaufman Furs Celebrity Furrier

Fur Over Hollywood The Fur-Meister Cometh Marc Kaufman Furs is a celebrity furrier of the first magnitude. Make no mistake about this fact. No matter what,eventually,the body celebre will availRead More

Remodel Your Fur Coat Marc Kaufman Furs

Remodel Your Fur Coat

Fur Coat Transformation Rebirth Your Fur Coat The Fur coat remodel is a little known alternative to most fur coat owners. The general belief is to clean and cold storageRead More

Fur Coat Cultural Dissonance

Fur Coat Cultural Dissonance

The Politics Of Fur In America Fur Disconnect Fur coat and cultural dissonance are not necessarily two components that one would string together under ordinary circumstances. However,contextually,they feed a larger,overRead More

Real Fur Vs Faux Fur

Real Fur Coats Faux Fur Coats

Real Fur Coats: Environmentally Friendly Real Vs Synthetic Real fur Coats,faux fur coats;that is the question. This inquiry is not quite Shakespearean on the face of it,but a compelling existentialRead More

Superbowl Fur Coat Halftime Performance

Superbowl Fur Coat Halftime Performance

Big Boi Rocks Fur Coat                         Fur Flies During Superbowl 53 Halftime Superbowl 53 was punctuated by a feverish halftimeRead More