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A Way to Feel Good About Wearing Real Fur Coats

We all love real fur coats, don’t we? Talking about fur coats – we know that fur coats are the pelts of animals used to make clothing items to be used in winters. A way to feel good about fur coats. For one thing, we cannot deny or argue about; fur coats are made from actual animal skins. Thus, just like the ones who cannot abide by the consumption of meat, milk, and similar products obtained from animals, it is evident that some people will abstain from the use of fur coats as well. Hence, we actively see the anti-fur community communicating the ugliest side of fur coats and accessories.

Nevertheless, whatever the anti-fur community says, furs are going away in the near future. According to the International Trade Center, fur exports from 2008 to 2013 almost doubled. The industry went from 2 billion dollars to 4 billion dollars’ worth of export. Especially after winter 2015, fur appeared in various fashions ranging from chinchilla fur coats to Chewbacca-style slippers. This blog will explore five different ways to wear a real fur coat this winter and feel good about it.

Going A Little Extra With Real Fur Coats

Weren’t we all under the impression that one can only wear real fur coats in winters? The latest news of celebrities says that Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, and many others have been wearing real fur coats during summers as well. These are the trends that make the world season-less. It’s not just the furs; you can see people wearing tank tops in December, leather boots in July, and whatnot. You can pile-in or pile-off a specific dress regardless of how sweaty or chilly the weather is.

What Do We Mean When We Say Furs?

When we say the word “furs,” we do not necessarily refer to real fur coats. You do not have to have it on your body when it comes to real furs. In light of the long fur history, it is evident that vintage fur coats have been passing from generation to generation, thus, giving the impression that real furs can be used as a form of clothing. Nevertheless, with technological advancements and innovation, you can find real fur accessories easily. You can have a bag, a cuff or collar made out of real furs, or even cushions and table mats. Alternatively, you can also use real furs to create cute gifts for your loved ones as well.

There is a whole lot of things that you can make using real furs, which you can extract from the vintage fur coat that your grandma gave you. On the other hand, you can get real fur coats of all types, styles, and sizes by visiting Marc Kaufman’s website. We provide the most outstanding real fur coats at extremely cost-effective prices. Thus, you can alter these fur coats and try the above-mentioned options to create something cute out of furs.

Ways to Wear Real Fur Coats and Feel Good About It

Fur coats are a must-have for this winter. This section will present you with five different ways to rock a fur coat this year. You can use any of these styles to fit any occasion. You can also use these guidelines to put on a real fur coat casually because, let’s face it, there is nothing worse than the  harsh winter days. If you skip it today, you might find yourself scrolling through this article in December. So, without further ado, let us head straight into the five ways in which you can feel unapologetically good about wearing a fur coat:

1.      The All-Black Classic

There is a reason why they call an all-black outfit classy – it fits all occasions and can make the wearer look elegant. You can use Marc Kaufman’s black designer shearlings to give eccentricity to your outfit. You can carry this look for casual as well as occasional purposes. Additionally, you can add contrasting colors to give a little definition to your outfit.


Women's Black Shearling Full Length Coat

Women’s Black Shearling Full-Length Coat

2.      Wearing Full-Size Vests

You can look furiously lit if you can manage to complement fur vests with fur handbags. In addition to that, if you have a less bold fashion sense, this look is perfect for you. You will not have to go any extra with the furs and look as effortless as you want. Vests are ideal for casual usage. A way to feel good about it. They are easy to carry, add variety, and are less flashy. Thus, you can always add real fur vests to your wardrobe.

Black Shearling Vest Belt pocketbook Included 4873

Black Shearling Vest Belt pocketbook Included 4873

Alt Image Text: A woman wears black fur shearling vest

3.      The Shaggy Look

We all love that straight-out-of-bed look, don’t we? The shaggy look is just about that. It makes you look as if you woke up in the morning and picked everything that came in your way and wore it. You can also use a fur jacket to create a shaggy look. For this purpose, you do not have to choose a vibrant color. You can use a grey or brown oversized fur jacket and empathize its puffiness with a pair of casual trousers. A way to feel good about it. On the other hand, you will have to ensure is that your purse isn’t as loud as your real fur coat. Hence, a casual shirt, denim trousers, and pull on a real fur coat to define this look for you. Here is a brief fur fashion guide for 2021 for you.

Navy Blue Mink Bomber Jacket Detachable Fur Hood 7421

Navy Blue Mink Bomber Jacket Detachable Fur Hood 7421

Alt image text: A girl wearing a blue fur bomber jacket with a pair of jeans

4.      The Daring Sportsman

We know that connecting real fur coats with sports does not seem sensible. However, before you judge this, hold on and take a minute to read this. The key in this look is to keep the rest of the outfit simple and monotonous while using a vibrant and flashy fur coat. A way to feel good about it. You can get all the cool color real fur coats at Marc Kaufman. Wearing an all-black gym suit with a big handbag will give you the sporty base so that you can add a loud-colored (say vibrant blue) classy real fur coat to finish the look. Just ensure that the coat is about knee-length.

Burgundy Lazar Cut Mink Fur Stroller 78854

Burgundy Lazar Cut Mink Fur Stroller 78854

Alt Image Text: A woman wearing red mink fur stroller.

5.      Turtleneck Offset Mix

A turtleneck with a solid color will give you the right outline for this look. Turtlenecks are capable of creating an actual outfit using something that is entirely effortless. You can take gray slacks; for example, you can create a causal and professional look simultaneously using these slacks. A sleeveless fur coat will make this look even bolder. You can attend the office and the party after 5 pm by adding just the right fur coat to your overall look.

Lynx Jacket White Fox Trim 74663


Lynx Jacket White Fox Trim 74663

Alt Image Text: A woman wears Lynx Jacket White Fox Trim with denim


As we have discussed in this blog, real fur fashion is not going anywhere anytime soon. You can enjoy a multitude of fur accessories. Thus, furs do not only have to be a part of your clothing. We have presented five different looks that you can rock using high-quality real fur coats from Marc Kaufman.

We offer the best real fur coat deals and sales discounts. You can rock a business meeting, a casual walk with your loved ones, and an after-party function using just the right kind of real fur coat. Contact us today to get your hands on the best real fur coats. We have all kinds, colors, sizes, and styles of real fur coats, so what stops you now? Call us today and reserve your best look with Marc Kaufman!