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Fur Coats for Men

When we think of fur coats, women’s fashion comes to our minds. For instance, we picture a Hollywood starlet, draped in a luxurious Sable jacket or coat, walking down the red carpet. Fur can indeed be a glamorous piece of clothing that has a feminine notion to it. However, it can be manly too. Men have worn fur coats since the earliest days of fashion.

Men’s fur fashions come in various styles. The fur trim around a hood or adorning a collar makes a coat warmer and more attractive. A fur Shearling jacket gives a man dashing air, while a fur stroller or full-length coat adds elegance and sophistication to a more upscale look. Furthermore, they add warmth and flair to any ensemble. In addition, they are practical and stylish and great for making a statement while staying comfortable.

Men have worried that fur coats make them look “feminine” or like a Viking tribesman for some time now. Although, in recent years, the concept has changed. Famous male celebrities such as Kanye West, Connor McGregor, and Macklemore have started wearing fur again. Certainly, celebrity men are embracing fur fashions.

Fur coats are the most flattering on men when worn correctly. They are there for everyone else in the room to notice you. Also, men can wear them with any of their outfits. No matter what you are wearing that day – chic, classy, formal, or sporty – you can find a fur coat for every occasion. Check out this blog on how to style men’s fur coats!

Fur has been around for ages. They make the warmest garments and are incredibly comfortable. In addition, some 170,000 years ago, it was widely available as men used to hunt for food anyway. Nowadays, fur coats seem to be more of a luxury. Therefore, fewer men wear them.

Read more about men’s history with fur coats.

Today, we’ll talk about why fur coats aren’t only for women. So we have put together a few points to help you realize that men can rock them just like women do.

  1. Style

Fur coats for men come in various styles. Although some men wear these coats as a fashion statement, many choose to wear them because of their durability and the warmth they provide. These are some of the different types of coats men wear:

Whiskey Mink Coat

P Diddy in a Whiskey Mink Coat

P Diddy in a Whiskey Mink Coat

Mink is one of the most famous furs. Not only renowned but the highest-selling worldwide, representing almost 70% of all fur sold at retail. For one thing, its decadently soft texture and unique sheen make it appealing to people. Furthermore, it has an incredibly long life and lasts for quite some time.

In the photo, famous American singer and rapper P Diddy is wearing a Whiskey colored Mink coat. The entertainer is oozing allure and looks as chic as ever. This proves that men can rock a fur coat just like women do. Furthermore, by donning a Mink fur coat like the one in the photo, men will surely grab everyone’s attention in the room.

  • Sable Coats

Men's Russian Sable Coat

Men’s Russian Sable Coat

Sable fur coats are the most expensive coats out there. Due to its silky pelt, which retains smoothness regardless of how you stroke it, it is one of the most coveted fur coat. These coats come in all sizes, long and short. For example, as seen in the photo, the man is wearing a long Russian Sable coat, which exudes luxury and glamour.

These coats are incredibly trendy with a classical hint to them. The men who are genuinely into fashion and love to dress up immensely enjoy this fur type.

  • Shearling Jackets and Coats

Men's Black Shearling Stroller

Men’s Black Shearling Stroller

Shearling has become increasingly popular in recent years. Made out of actual lamb or sheepskin, the luxurious piece of clothing is extremely warm, light, and tactile. For years now, this particular fur has been a men’s favorite. If you look into its history, Shearling coats and jackets were worn by men who worked in aviation. The use of this fur goes way back to the stone ages. When American and European pilots took to the skies in shearling-lined bomber jackets, people truly discovered the rakish potential of this material.

Also, this particular fur is worn in the summers too. Because its insulation consists of extensive air pockets, it allows heat to escape during warmer weather. As seen in the photo, the man is wearing a black Shearling stroller, and he pulls it off quite nicely.

Shearling fur coats are worn by men a lot. Hence, it proves that men wear these garments and keep warm, but to look fashionable too.

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  1. Color

Women’s fur coats usually come in a wide variety of colors. They typically wear different colors, such as yellow, green, blue, and orange. On the other hand, when you look at men’s coats, you will notice an entirely different trend. For instance, rather than seeing a wide variety of colors like women’s fur coats, you will typically see darker colors such as brown or black.

This is because men usually gravitate towards such dark, monotonous colors. In addition to this, men wear fur coats for their warmth mostly. They do not wear these costly items for fashion or to show off.

  1. Financial Status

Some men may choose to wear their fur coats only for financial status. Because fur coats are expensive, people directly assume the one wearing them has money to spare. This isn’t the only reason men wear fur coats, but it can be a deciding factor.

In the 1920s, every man who could afford a fur coat probably had one. This is because it was a symbol of wealth and social position. These items have been a staple in the closets of the best-dressed gents. Although these fur coats were mainly around in the 1900s, they peaked in the ’20s and early ’30s before being revived in the ’50s and ’70s.


Women have been the poster child for luxurious fur coats for far too long. It is time for men to come back into the picture and realize that fur is not only for the ladies. Therefore, we hope this guide on why fur coats are not only for women helped men realize just what they are missing out on!

Men’s fur is famous within the celebrity clan. Many famous personalities love wearing them. As a result, the media culture made it mainstream for men to adorn a fur coat in the world of showbiz.

At Marc Kaufman Furs, you will find a wide variety of men’s fur coats you can choose from. Visit our website to browse through the different options we have for men. Who says only women can wear fur? Men look as classy as them wearing a fur coat!