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Rita Hayworth in Fur

Classic furs Rita Hayworth

Classic furs have the aura of royalty. There is an allure to them, uniquely when adorned by celebrity personalities. In the early to mid-portion of the 20th century, the film industry incorporated the classic fur into the fabric of the Hollywood mystique.

Betty Grable classic furs

Betty Grable in a Coyote Coat

Betty Grable (image insert above) was one of the first Hollywood studio system actresses to make the film’s fur statement. Grable’s popularity was second to none at the time.

Lana Turner in classic fur

Lana Turner Fox Boa

Lana Turner was no stranger to the fur coat. Ms. Turner was another studio system actress who gained popularity in the 40’s- early 50’s. Sexy furs owe a part of its mystique to the presence of Lana Turner.

Jayne Mansfield was a sex symbol that helped to propel the glamour of the fur coat. Designers best presented on the sex symbols of that time. Jayne Mansfield was the early 50’s sex symbol who embodied the fur mystique. Her popularity and love for the classic fur propelled the fur coat to new levels of attention among mainstream America at the time.

yellow Fur Dress

Rhianna Yellow Fur Dress

Fast forward to 2016; the traditional fur presence continues to be elevated by personas such as Rihanna (above image).

There is a new generational interest in the mystique and glamour of the fur coat.
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Classic celebrity furs continue to reign along with new contemporary fur coat designs. Let Marc Kaufman Furs expedite your fur experience in 2016!


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