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Fur Coat lovers everywhere,be advised,El Nina will shake weather patterns up this coming winter 2016-17. This past winter (2015-16) was beyond mild and with little true bite to it. That will all be forgotten this coming winter. The fur coat will once again be your friend and front line defender against bitter arctic temperatures that will be headed our way in 7 short months. Marc Kaufman Furs is here to serve as an early warning system for all denizens of North America…be prepared!!!


2014 was a bell weather year for the fur coat.It was necessarily in demand. The winter of 2014 was harsh and relentless. By the time spring came around,most north easterners were exhausted from the frigid temps and,seemingly, never ending snowfalls. Fur coats,in all of it’s forms and styles,were the rage.


Marc Kaufman Furs understands cold weather. Marc Kaufman Furs knows furs even better. Being the very best at something takes time,discipline,attention to detail and a deep and abiding love for the  thing one seeks perfection of. Five(5) generations(since 1870) of Kaufmans have honed their skill set as furriers to the point of near perfection.Kaufman Furs is the pre-eminent furrier in the northeast,bar none. This is important information for the many of us who will be seeking safe haven from the coming El nina this winter in the form of a fur coat. Marc Kaufman Furs is the gatekeeper amongst furriers. They should (and will be) the first(and last) phone call for anyone in search of the warmth of a fur coat.


Do not be lost in the coming winter wilderness that will blanket the Northeast in 2016-17. Be pre-emptive! Spring/Summer though it may be, reach out to Marc Kaufman Furs now and start sizing up a fur coat for you and your loved ones. Marc Kaufman Furs easy access global website awaits your visit and subsequent inquiries.The ever present and competent staff at Marc Kaufman Furs can assist you with your fur coat acquisition as well as remodel work on your existing fur coats. The in-house factory at the Marc Kaufman Furs flagship store in NYC is fully operational year round. Cold Storage and repairs on your fur coats are their specialty as well. So, bring it on El Nina! Marc Kaufman Furs is more than ready for you!

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