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Celebrities in Fur

Several celebrities in fur have been spotted wearing fur coats recently at various events:

  1. Kim Kardashian: Known for her bold and luxurious style, Kim has been seen wearing a fur coat, hat, and handbag ensemble during a snowy getaway. Her outfit featured a tan trapper hat that matched her long-lined fur coat, making a statement with her fur-on-fur look​ (Marie Claire Magazine)​.
  2. Jennifer Lopez: J.Lo wore multiple fur coats while filming for “The View” in New York City. One notable outfit included an elaborate dark purple fur coat by The Attico, paired with a black mini Hermès Birkin bag. Another look featured a navy fuzzy coat that she wore over a bright blue button-up top and a black leather pencil skirt​ (Marie Claire Magazine)​.

    Jennifer Lopez in a Fur Coat


  3. Cardi B: At the Billboard R&B Hip-Hop Power Players event in New York, Cardi B turned heads in a striking lime green fur-trimmed coat by Saks Potts​ (Hollywood Life)​.
Fur coats continue to be a fashion statement among celebrities, despite the controversies surrounding their use. Here’s a detailed look at some famous personalities who have recently been seen wearing fur coats and the events they wore them to.

Kim Kardashian

Event: Snowy Getaway and Casual Outings

Kim Kardashian is synonymous with extravagant and luxurious fashion choices. In early 2024, she was spotted during a snowy getaway wearing an outfit that combined multiple fur elements. Kim’s ensemble featured a tan trapper hat, a long-lined fur coat, and a matching fur handbag. This bold and cohesive look stood out, showcasing her penchant for high-end, statement-making outfits​ (Marie Claire Magazine)​.

Jennifer Lopez

JLo Golden Island Fox Coat Hustler Movie

JLo Golden Island Fox Coat Hustler Movie

Event: Filming for “The View”

Celebrity in furs Jennifer Lopez, renowned for her glamorous and ever-evolving style, made a significant impression during her appearance on “The View” in February 2024. J.Lo wore three different fur coats throughout the day.

  1. First Outfit: An elaborate dark purple fur coat by The Attico, paired with a black mini Hermès Birkin bag, black top, and wide-leg trousers. This look was both sophisticated and dramatic, highlighting Lopez’s flair for combining luxury with boldness.
  2. Second Outfit: A navy fuzzy coat over a bright blue button-up top and a black leather pencil skirt. This combination provided an elevated take on the classic office uniform, underscoring her ability to blend professional and chic elements seamlessly.
  3. Third Outfit: A tan fur coat paired with a slouchy beige cutout top, matching pants, gold platform heels, and a beige Birkin bag. This monochromatic look was particularly striking, demonstrating Lopez’s knack for creating visually cohesive and opulent outfits​ (Marie Claire Magazine)​.

Cardi B

Event: Billboard R&B Hip-Hop Power Players Event

Cardi B is known for her daring and attention-grabbing fashion choices. At the Billboard R&B Hip-Hop Power Players event in late September 2023, she wore a lime green fur-trimmed coat by Saks Potts. This outfit perfectly encapsulated her bold style, drawing significant attention and highlighting her ability to stand out in any crowd​ (Hollywood Life)​.


Event: Various Appearances

Madonna, the queen of pop, has a long-standing history of incorporating fur into her wardrobe. Known for her rebellious and trend-setting fashion choices, she has been seen wearing fur coats on numerous occasions. Madonna’s unapologetic use of fur dates back to the 1980s, and she continues to embrace it as part of her iconic style. Whether attending high-profile events or making casual public appearances, Madonna’s fur coats are a testament to her enduring influence in the fashion world​ (FotoLog)​.

Sharon Stone

Event: Various Public Appearances

Sharon Stone, celebrated for her timeless elegance and glamour, has also been a consistent wearer of fur coats. Known for her roles in classic films and her status as a fashion icon, Stone has often chosen fur to complement her sophisticated looks. Her fur coats are not just about fashion but also about maintaining a legacy of old Hollywood glamour and quality. Stone’s choice of fur garments reinforces her image as a figure of enduring beauty and style​ (FotoLog)​.


These celebrities in fur exemplify how fur continues to play a role in high fashion, despite ongoing debates about its ethical implications. Each star uses fur to make a distinct statement, whether it’s Kim Kardashian’s maximalist approach, Jennifer Lopez’s versatile glamour, Cardi B’s boldness, Madonna’s rebellious edge, or Sharon Stone’s timeless elegance. Their choices reflect a blend of personal style, cultural impact, and the ever-evolving landscape of fashion.

While the use of fur remains contentious, its presence in the wardrobes of these influential figures underscores its continued relevance and appeal in the world of luxury fashion. Whether for red carpet events, high-profile appearances, or casual outings, fur coats provide a means for these celebrities to express their unique styles and maintain their positions as fashion icons.

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Celebrities in fur