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Fashion Fur Statement

Fashion Statement

Fur is a fashion statement. There is no doubt about this. A quality, well-crafted fur coat is a desired fashion component for one’s wardrobe. Male or female, the statement known as fur is sought after by many. There should be no question about the place furs are in one’s fashion arsenal. The controversial political trade winds regarding fur garments notwithstanding, there is a historical reality that predicts that fur garments are here to stay.

Fur Fashion Statement

Fashion Statement in Fur

Fur fashion comes in a variety of styles: Chinchilla, mink, fox, sable, lamb, and so many more. There is a coat for you somewhere. A great place to start would be Marc Kaufman Furs, located in the heart of NYC. Marc Kaufman Furs is the oldest family of furriers in the NYC garment district. His fur collection is second to none. His original concept designs are outstanding fur fashion statements. Marc Kaufman Furs, fur coats for men and women, and children are primarily revered as one of the best collections in the furrier business.

Fashion fur statement

Fashion statement

Fur fashion statements from Marc Kaufman reviewed at Marc Kaufman Furs Online, Marc Kaufman Furs on Facebook, and Marc Kaufman Furs on Instagram. A fur is a fashion Icon like none other. Furs afford one a look of elegance and comfort and practicality. Let Marc Kaufman outfit you with a fashion statement of your own.


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