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Five Fashion Trends to Look for in the Coming Days

Life has changed drastically since the year 2019 when the pandemic hit the world and left it upside down. Did we ever know we would live to see such unprecedented times? Lockdowns have made it challenging for us to meet our friends and other loved ones over a cup of coffee or for dinner. We are constantly craving the touch of family members who are living far from sand miss sharing heart-lifting laughs with our best friends. Since our social life has been affected so drastically due to restricted mobility, so has our wardrobe. Our stylish attires are sitting in our wardrobes as we are not leaving our homes. There are several places in the world that are still in lockdown, which means people cannot go shopping. Therefore, people are unable to update their wardrobes. Here are five fashion trends to look for in the coming days that will make you look stylish.

White Mink Jacket Horizontal Design

White Mink Jacket Horizontal Design 77333

Image alt text: A woman wears a stylish white mink jacket to get a trendy look

What is next?

We are home and limited to going to certain places. Things are changing rapidly around us, and we can see a glimpse of normal life once again in different parts of the world. Amid the pandemic, people had forgotten about fashion. Mainly because it had become more about the survival of human beings, and there was hardly any place for how they looked.

What to expect

Since we are pretty outdated on style around the world and only sitting by the couch, we are going to help you come back to life and feel good about yourself. The fashion industry never lagged and is still choosing to excel and thrive in all the domains. In 2021, the fashion is unique, casual, and can be worn in intimate gatherings since we will still be observing social distance and avoiding partying with too many people.

Hot items

One thing that has ruled the fashion industry even during the pandemic is fur. Fur does not seem to go out of style at all. They have survived the strict lockdowns and fashion halt in the years. It has continued to be a favorite in everyone’s fashion closet. Furthermore, it is amazing to know there are many ways one can now wear fur, which is not limited to coats but also diverse and available in fashion accessories.

Purple Fox Fur Bag
Purple Fox Fur Bag 6344

Image alt text: An elegant looking purple bag made of fox fur

The trends you will want to grab in the coming days

Here are some of the must-haves for the coming days to spur up some life in your closet.

Cropped Cardigans

We all love to rock cardigans, and now they have made a comeback with a different style. With women going towards more cropped shirts, cardigans have made their way into the cropped fashion category. These cropped cardigans have a vintage essence to them and have started from very high-end brands such as Alessandra Rich. Moreover, with their growing popularity, they have taken up residence in Zara’s and Forever 21’s fashion racks. Hence, you can wear it either buttoned up with a matching cami under or can wear it with those pajamas you went to sleep in. They are perfect for a quick zoom call with your friend, colleague, or supervisor.

Tractor boots

One of the hottest items of this year is the tractor boots. Retailers such as Balenciaga and Zara have made sure to pick up on consumer’s preferences and placed these boots on their fashion racks so that people can buy them. Moreover, they were quite a hit during the pandemic, and it is only expected that they will be even more famous in the coming days as people have started to come out of their homes for meet-ups and work. Here are five fashion trends to look for in the coming days that will make you look stylish. Furthermore, these beauties are aesthetically pleasing. You can wear them with a long coat or short skirt. They are best with even slouchy pants or even leggings. We highly recommend that you invest in some tractor boots.


As we have read above, fur has been one of the hottest trends. It has been timeless and the safest option to wear if you want to look great and chic at the same time. Hence, the most popular fur styles have been from the top fur seller Marc Kaufman Furs. This winter, consumers are going to buy some fur coats. Mink coats are trendy, and they keep you warm and cozy. They were once worn in only the fanciest gatherings. However, that has changed since designers such as Marc Kaufman Furs found a way to rock these furries casually. So ladies, if it’s that Sunday brunch with your girls, a fur coat will never disappoint you.

Classic Designer Ranch Mink Fur Coat Shawl Collar Turn Back

Classic Designer Ranch Mink Fur Coat Shawl Collar Turn Back Cuffs #316

Image alt text: A woman wears a classic designer ranch mink fur coat that gives her a trendy look

Candy-colored sweat-pants

We have been wearing sweatpants for ages as they have been the most comfortable option that we had. Moreover, they continue to look fabulous and be our first pick for our comfort levels. However, sweat-pants this year have come with a bit of a bang. They are all rocking and making a fashion statement in multi-candy colors. Blame it on the pandemic since now we always want the comfort of our homes, even outside our homes.


Have you come across a hybrid of a jacket and a shirt? Well, a shacket is just that. They have been very popular this year and can be one of your top picks for your wardrobe in the coming days. It is heavier than a flannel shirt but is not as bulky as an oversized jacket. Here are five fashion trends to look for in the coming days that will make you look stylish. Moreover, you would want to have one on for running and spending a good day outdoors. So go for the grabs.


With the fashion industry revamping its style, we, Marc Kaufman Furs, are at your service to give your wardrobe a new dimension. If you are looking for something trendy and timeless, then you are at the right place. You can choose your favorite fur item from our vast collection by visiting our website. It can be a fur coat, fur hat, or fur gloves.