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Belted Camel Colored Rex Rabbit Fur Coat with Sable Collar

Belted Camel Colored Rex Rabbit Fur Coat with Sable Collar

Fur coats are mainstream Fashion

Whether you want to believe it or not,furs are mainstream fashion accessories

Fur coats are a mainstream fashion accessory. Fur coats have a mystique and elegance coupled with a practical purpose. The fur fashion aficionado will tell you that fur coats represent a punctuation point in terms of fashionable attire.


Multi Colored Mink Fur Vest

Multi Colored Mink Fur Vest


There is no corner of the fashion realm that does not acknowledge the legitimacy of fur fashion in general. The politics of furs and there function in fashion wear aside, fur coats have always had an inspirational effect on designers and consumers alike. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fur_clothing 

Joe Namath Marc Kaufman Furs

Joe Namath Marc Kaufman Furs

Entertainment and sports figures have long been the fashion standard bearers and eye of the storm as it regards fur coats and their presence in the realm of fashion as a whole


Marc Kaufman Furs is one of the premiere furriers of note in the fur design,manufacturing and sales realm globally. Since 1850 and spanning three centuries,Marc Kaufman Furs has held sway over fur fashion trends worldwide. The furrier of  first and last resort, Marc Kaufman Furs has been one of the chief movers and shakers in terms of consumer influence in the purchase of fur coats and fur accessories.


Marc Kaufman Furs flagship store is located in midtown Manhattan near the world famous Madison Square Garden and the Macy’s Herald Square global flagship store. The online global sales store is second to none amongst furriers. If ever in NYC, stop by 212 west 30th Street and peruse the ever evolving fur fashion stylings of Marc Kaufman Furs. You will be glad you did!