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  1. Have you been lately itching to purchase fur coats?
  • Did a Hollywood celebrity’s fur catch your eye?
  • Want to know how to buy a fur? smiling woman in a fur coat

If the answer is yes to any of the above-mentioned questions, then you should go on to purchase a fur coat. A high-quality fur coat only helps you to add more flair and panache to your appearance but it can also keep you warm in harsher and colder months. As a beginner, you can learn how to buy a fur coat by considering the following tips.

1. Finalize a Budget

Fur garments are not an expense; they are an investment that can elevate your personality and comfort to a great extent. Therefore, it comes off as no surprise that genuine fur coats for women often cost thousands of dollars. Make up your mind on a price range and pick the best fur coat in that price segment. If you were planning to buy mink fur coats then they are generally costlier than other types of fur coats. However, if you want a high-quality fur with a more affordable price tag, then a sheared beaver coat can be an ideal choice.

Another idea to get a cheaper coat is to opt for partial skins. Some coats are not fully made of animal skin; instead, manufacturers only use partial skins to create them. Since less amount of skin is used in these coats, hence they have a lower price tag.



1. Which Types of Fur Coats to Choose From

While deciding on how to buy a fur, one of the key factors is to select from a wide range of fur coat types. Some of the most popular types of fur coats are the following.


sheared mink fur vest

sheared mink fur coat

Mink coats are expensive due to a reason, they are highly sought-after. They can help you to wear a more plush and poised look—similar to the ones of Hollywood events in the last century. International heartthrobs like Marilyn Monroe are among the most famous wearers of the mink fur.

After around a half-century, mink fur coats hold the same demand for both women and men belongs from all age groups. Other than being used for lavish long fur coats, their use has been evolved for modern attires as well.

Chinchilla Furs

chinchilla fur coats

Designer Chinchilla Bolero Jacket

Chinchilla originates from South America. South American Indians may have been outdated with their living standards but they were smart enough to recognize the quality of Chinchilla fur and use it for glamorous purposes.

Since fur coats made from chinchilla require higher manufacturing costs—due to the higher difficulty level to work with the fur—they are more expensive than other types of fur coats.


rex rabbit poncho silver fox

rex rabbit poncho silver fox fur trim hood

It is often a good idea for beginners to select with rabbit furs. They are not only soft and warm but they are easily wearable too, unlike some other types of cur coats. However, keep in mind that if they are not cared for properly, they may shed hairs.

Other than the above-mentioned types of fur coats, you can also opt for those made from lamb, coyote, lynx, fox, raccoon, beaver, and others.

2. Differentiate Between Real or Faux Fur Coat

Make sure that you are able to purchase genuine fur coats for women. Beginners often find it hard to distinguish between the materials of different types of fur coats and often settle for a faux coat gullibility. You can perform the following checks to confirm the authenticity of a fur coat.

  • Take the fur in your hand and roll your fingers around it. Genuine fur feels smooth, even, and most importantly: soft. On the other hand, the faux one can feel as if it was made from a carpet fiber.
  • Look for the lengths of hair. Real fur coats get hair lengths of under-fur and guard hairs. On the other hand, the faux coat usually comes with one uniform length.
  • If your furrier permits it, the most effective tip is to perform a burn test. Carefully pluck some hairs and slowly take it closer to a burning stick. If the coat is made of real animals then it can create a burning hair odor. On the contrary, if synthetic plastic products were used to create the coat then it can melt and emit the smell of burning plastic.

3. Settle on a Specific Style

After getting familiar with how to buy genuine fur coats for women, now you have to settle for a style. How do you expect the coat to work out for you? Think about how you imagine yourself in a fur coat. Perhaps, you plan to go for a classic and graceful look or maybe you want to sport a more sparkly and fashionable look—pick anyone according to your preference.

If you want to opt for conventional taste, then colors like grey, white, brown or black can be used in longer silhouettes, taking your elegance to newer heights. Since these types of furs form a lasting impression, hence use them for memorable nights like a visit to a posh restaurant, opera, or a symphony.

Conversely, if you intend to pick up the latest fashion trends, try to choose modern cuts for colorful dyed furs. Unlike the traditional ones, these types of fur garments can serve you well in casual events. You can find a lot of divas wearing them in weekday events for their casual appearances.

4. Keep Your Allergies in Mind

Are you allergic to dogs? People who can’t stay close to dogs because of allergies should know that furs made from coyote or fox can trigger their allergies due to their inclusion in the same canine family as dogs. Moreover, it is possible that rabbit fur can make you sneeze or teary-eyed. Therefore, keep your allergies in mind and check the animal fur before purchasing a fur coat. If you have mild allergies, you can pick a fur coat with short hair—it can assist in the prevention of allergies.

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