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How To Choose A Flattering Fur Coat Length

Before getting crazy with the seasonal real fur sales, you need to know what kind of real fur coat you want. The type of fur is one thing you must consider. You must know how to identify the type of fur because you would not get long breaks to test and verify the fur type. How to choose a flattering fur coat length. Even if you visit new fur shops in New York City, you must know what you want for yourself. There are several types of real fur coats available in the market. You can easily find modern designs, including crop-fit, mid-length, full-length, and thigh-length fur coats.

Black Shearling Full-Length Coat

Black Shearling Full-Length Coat

Image alt text: A woman wears a Black Shearling Full-Length Coat over white sneakers.

Generally, the fur coat that you choose depends on how good it makes you look. Thus, it mostly depends on your body type, i.e., height and weight. This is why experts advise that one must try on a fur coat before making a purchase decision. And it is not just that; you must try it on before purchasing to check the fit and feel of the coat. Nobody wants to waste several hundred dollars on something that does not fit them perfectly. When you try it, you’ll know if it’s a good decision to buy that fur coat.

What Do Experts Say?

Talking about the length of a fur coat, you can find it in four lengths. These include crop-top, mid, thigh, and full-lengths. Fashionistas recommend that people who are tall and have long legs should opt for a full-length coat. The ones who have normal height can choose anything from cropped to full-lengths. Nonetheless, the ones who have short height should look for mid or cropped length. These are just the recommendations of fashion experts. The rest depends on how good you feel in a fur coat. Even if your height is short, but the full-length coat looks fantastic on you – go for it!

American Cat Lynx Fur Jacket

American Cat Lynx Fur Jacket 30890

Image alt text: A woman dons American Cat Lynx Jacket with blue jeans having a perfect casual look

Factors That Help You Determine Your Coat Length

There are always more than one reasons to think before investing in a fur coat. Today, we are talking about the length of the fur coat only. You will be surprised to find out that there is a list of factors that can influence that decision. After all, you are investing in a luxurious fashion article. To no surprise, everyone wants this investment to work perfectly. It should match your style, work optimally with your needs, provide protection from cold and whatnot. Let us dig into the array of factors that can influence your decision. It would be best if you keep these factors in mind before making a furry investment. So, without further ado, let us dive into it:

1. It Should Look Elegant

Aren’t fur coats all about looking elegant and luxurious? It is, in fact, the main reason why people invest in real fur coats. The level of elegance depends highly on the type of furs and the length of the coat. For example, if you choose a mink fur coat, you need to ensure that you can wear it on all your occasions. Thus, if you are looking for one coat that fits all your social occasions, you should invest in a full-length coat. One thing you must remember is that full-length coats are the most expensive ones. The reason is simple; they are bigger than others. Therefore, if your needs and budget allow you to make such a heavy investment, go for it! If you want something casual, you can pick a shorter length.

2. Follow Your Fashion Preferences

If elegance is not your thing and looking for something stylish, a shorter length will suit your needs. By shorter lengths, we do not mean that you can get up and invest straight up in a cropped coat. You must try on several lengths offered at a fur coat shop and decide which looks best. There are so many options with shorter lengths which allows you to choose the best. Shorter lengths also allow you to select from a wider range of fur types. Shorter coats are known to be the most decent alternative to casual fashion. You can always pair it up with patterns, jewels, boots, and much more.

Sapphire Mink Stroller

Sapphire Mink Stroller

Image alt text: Woman wearing the most comfortable and warm Mink Stroller coat

3. Height And Weight Matters

Let us clear the controversy beforehand: everyone is beautiful. However, your height and weight will help determine how the coat falls on your body. This signifies in-person shopping. You cannot just look at a fur coat and assume it will look good on you. Which length is perfect? Which coat fits perfectly? And many other factors depend on the time when you try it on. If you fail to pick a good enough fur coat for yourself, try the customization option. Experts recommend this because, with fur coats, you are making a luxurious investment. Thus, it is optimal if you make an informed decision.

Classic Emerald Green Fox Jacket

Classic Emerald Green Fox Jacket 7574

Image alt text: A woman wears Classic Emerald Green Fox Jacket; it can give you the perfect casual as well as a formal look

4. Consider Your Future Needs

You must consider your future needs when you invest in a real fur coat. Suppose you want a short coat right now. However, you will require a long coat in the future. It is best to invest in a long coat in such situations because you can shorten a long coat. But you cannot lengthen a short coat. To bring a long coat to a short length, you can contact a professional furrier who offers remodeling services.

5. Consider The Climate Needs

This is yet another and most important factor to consider. If you live in a region where the temperature falls to freezing point, get a full-length coat. The fundamental purpose of fur coats is to protect the wearer from cold. Thus, you must consider the climate needs. Do not waste your money on an impractical coat that cannot save you from rough winds and heavy rains.

Final Word

Are you looking for an ideal fur coat that matches your style and satisfies your needs? You should contact Marc Kaufman! We have the most elegant collection of stylish and fun real fur coats. You can get all designs, lengths, and types of fur coats from us. So, what’s stopping you? Contact us today or visit a nearby outlet! What’s more? We have a sale going on almost all the time – get your favorite coat and save a few bucks!