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How to get the most money for a fur coat?


Fur coats are the most expensive and long-lasting winter clothing items. It stays with you for a lifetime if you take care of it and store it properly. However, there might be times when you want to get over a coat. It could be because your garment is not your size anymore, it’s out of fashion now, or maybe because it’s taking too much space in your closet. You can offload it in various ways, either by reselling or by recycling it. There are some tops for how to get the most money for a fur coat.

There are many people who sell their fur coats when they feel they’re of no use. Therefore, before selling it to someone, you must determine the value of your fur coat by a professional furrier. The value of your fur coat majorly depends on how you store it. If you keep it in the right conditions, your fur coat will not lose its quality. Therefore, its value will be much higher than a coat that isn’t stored properly. Once you’ve determined the value of your coat, start finding a potential furrier who buys second-hand fur coats and resells them.

However, the best way through which you can sell your old fur coat is by providing enough information to the buyer to leave them satisfied. Be open and clear about the quality and texture of the skin. Discuss in detail how you’ve restored the fur coat to ensure its quality. Below are some of the ways through which you can make the most money from your fur coats.


Fur model

Fur Remodel Style

Fur remodel Style 9

Alt image text: A woman wears a remodeled fur coat that looks classy

Assessing its Worth

The most essential and basic aspect of selling a second-hand fur coat is its quality. The resale of a fur totally depends on its quality, how the owner has used and stored the fur, what is the type of the coat, and its skin, etc. Most of the fur owners have unrealistic expectations from their used coat’s value. Technically, whenever you buy any piece of clothing, it starts depreciating the moment you bring it home. The same is the case with fur coats. The fur pelts of the coat dry out over time which causes it to lose its value. Therefore, the longer your coat is sitting in your closet, the less valuable it will become.

If you want to sell your coat yourself, it is highly recommended to obtain an appraisal. It will help you determine and inspect its value through a professional fur appraiser. It will help you know the current market value of the coat. Through this, you can use the professional’s tips to sell it at a good market price. Locate a nearby furrier to help you in this matter. He will guide you throughout the process and help you understand your fur coat more deeply. Below is an image of a fur coat examined by our furriers to restyle it and add value to it.


Fur remodel Style 1

Alt image text: Women wearing different fur coats that are restyled

Sell It Yourself

There are different online platforms that will help you auction your fur coats. They offer a healthy market for fur coats and provide guidelines for everything you need to know to be a successful reseller of fur coats in the market. However, this might take a lot of time and commitment.

Firstly, you need to know everything about your coat and its attributes. Find out about the skin, type of fur, lining, embroidery, measurements, fabric, etc. This will help you look at a realistic picture of your fur coat and understand its market worth. If you genuinely want to sell it, you will have to charge it at a price that will competitively stand out from the other fur coats.

The best way to sell your fur coat yourself is through online e-commerce websites. Create an advertisement, include all the details about your fur such as type of fur coat, size of the coat, the lining of the coat, how long you have used the coat, how well is the quality of the coat, etc. List down the color and length of the coat and mention that your coat is examined properly by a professional furrier. You can use different websites, e.g., Amazon, eBay, Buymyfur, etc. This platform will help you sell your fur quickly and at a good rate.

Hire Someone to Sell It

There are different designer-oriented, vintage clothing stores that often deal in used fur coats with outstanding quality. These fur resellers are professionals who have online platforms to sell your garment and charge a certain percentage of it. Although you will have to share a certain percentage of profit with them, they relieve you of the hassle of dealing with different customers and selling it to the best ones. These stores may want to physically assess your coat before providing a price for it to ensure quality and maintain their standard. If you agree with the price and profit, you can ship your coat to them and let them market it and sell it on your behalf. This will save you from the hassle of checking with potential customers back and forth. All you will have to do is wait for the cheque in the mail.

In addition to this, there are other websites that can buy your fur coat at a pre-decided price and recycle them. They pay a fair market price in exchange for the used fur coat. Moreover, they can also craft into other items like pillows, teddy bears, etc. Those stores have professional furriers who check the condition of the fur coat and quote a price to charge the right price based on its condition.

Dennis Basso Russian Sable Jacket

Dennis Basso Russian Sable Jacket

Dennis Basso Russian Sable Jacket

Alt image text: A woman dons a stylish Dennis Basso Russian Sable Jacket


Be Charitable

In a parallel world, you can also be generous and give it back to nature. You can donate your fur coats in order to assist in the rehabilitation of orphaned and injured animals all over the US. Such institutes encourage the donation of fur clothing where you can just drop your unwanted fur at the nearest stores, which are sent to wildlife rehabilitation centers. These rehabilitation centers use the donated furs for providing a nurturing and natural environment and bedding for recovering animals and creatures.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, fur coats are long-term investments, and you can utilize them in different ways. You either wear them over any outfit or simply reuse or recycle it to make it a pillow or rug. There’s an online world full of services that can easily sell, recycle, or reuse your fur. It doesn’t matter if you want to upgrade your winter wardrobe or just want to clear out unwanted furs from your closet for some space. You can get it all on the internet.

Remember that the longer your coat is hanging in your wardrobe, the more it will deteriorate in terms of value and quality. Therefore, it’s better to act sooner and take quick action. For more information, visit our website and consult us regarding your fur coats.

We, at Marc Kaufman, provide different styles of fur coats in high quality and make sure our customers are satisfied. We also offer remodeling and repairing services to our valued customers to fix their fur coats as per their requirements. Visit our website to find out more about us.v