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Selecting The Perfect Fur Coat

Selecting a fur coat can be quite tricky. Each fur type is unique and offers its own benefits to the wearers. As a fur enthusiast, you should understand that there is no fur that can excel in everything. While choosing furs you have to ask yourself a few questions that can help you to make up your mind.

To begin with, you have to focus on the biggest benefit of fur: keeping you warm. You have to decide how much warmth you are looking for. If you want a fur coat as a style statement, then you have to select fur that can balance beauty with warmth.

Similarly, if you are in a rain-heavy region, you need a fur that that can withstand moisture easily. If you want fur that you can wear for all your life, you have to think from the durability perspective. The following factors can help you with how to select the right fur.


Usually, fur consists of two hair types: guard hairs and underfur. These guard hairs are sheeny and long—it is what you generally see on the surface. Guard hairs safeguard animals from the natural threats in the wildlife such as tree branches. Conversely, the mushy underfur is used for insulation.

Some furs have either no guard hairs or dainty guard hairs such as chinchilla or fox. Pick these furs if you want something that is both lightweight and warm. However, due to their fragility, you have to be extra cautious with fur care and protection.

Among the common furs such as sable, beaver, coyote, and mink, each comes with exquisite and protective guard hair. Similarly, a dense and velvety underfur can ensure that you remain adequately warm.

In case, winter is not too extreme in your region, you can also look for sheared fur coats. In such coats, the fur is plucked. This means that the fur manufacturer removed the guard hairs or reduced it significantly. While this modification does come at the expense of lesser warmth, the sleeker and glamorous silhouette brightens up the beauty of the fur.

You can also choose bulkier and much thicker furs—those which are worn by ice fishermen, polar explorers and mushers. Unless you do not plan to go to Arctic regions, these types of fur coats are overkill. As such, the normal Kaufman furs are good enough to fulfill your requirements.

woman wearing white fox fur poncho

coyote white fox poncho


Many people mistakenly assume that keeping warm and keeping dry is the same thing when they select fur. If you get wet, the wind chill effect can ensure that no matter how warm your fur is, you are going to feel colder due to the icy, raging winds.

Underfur absorbs water if it is not protected by its natural protection: guard hairs. Therefore, in rainy seasons, you cannot afford to go with a rabbit fur or those furs that have been plucked/sheared. Now, you have two options to keep yourself dry.

  • Select a fur coat that has long, extensive guard hairs such as a beaver coat.
  • Select a “reversed” fur coat such as a shearling coat.

Fur coats with guard hairs take advantage of their inherent oiliness to repel water. Moreover, you have to also keep in mind that while wearing a wet fur coat, you cannot use a hair dryer or radiator to dry it off.  Simply, try to shake the coat vigorously to remove the water. Subsequently, use the right storage space so it can dry off naturally.


women wearing Zuki Sheared Beaver Stroller Chinchilla Collar Butterflies

Zuki sheared beaver chinchilla stroller


Contemporary fashion trends and designs are replaceable. They can only last for a short period of time. Don’t expect the winter jacket designs of 2012 to help you lend a chic and à la mode appearance in 2019.

This is why it is quite satisfying to know that your fur coat can not only last a few years, but it remains classy even after several decades! If you are looking for such a fur coat, then you have to focus on their durability. Furs that are not composed of sturdy guard hairs are prone to shedding when they are rubbed continuously.

On the other hand, with raccoon or mink coat, you can be more at peace. These furs have gained quite a strong reputation because of their tendency to last for decades. Avoid dyed, plucked, and sheared fur coats and select fur that is natural. In this regard, perhaps a mink coat can serve you the best. Or perhaps, you can also look into coyote, beaver, and raccoon fur.


What is the reason behind your interest in a fur coat? Are you planning to wear it in an award ceremony and sport an elegant look? Or perhaps, you are an introvert who is not interested in showing off their fur coat.

For public appearances as a woman, select fur with long hairs. Fur coats with glossy and long guard hairs incorporate a charismatic and extravagant look, especially if you wear a fox coat. Men may find long-haired beaver fur coat as a better choice.

Furthermore, if you are looking for something innovative, then you will be pleased to know that modern day advancements have allowed fur coats to become a lot more modernized. For instance, the classy old mink coat has been entirely revamped to offer a hip and trendy look.

mink fur coats

mink fur strollers

Marc Kaufman Furs NYC

Fur coats are not purchased every day. Therefore, take ample of time and consider the above-mentioned factors before you select fur coats. As such, you need a furrier that offers all the latest fur coats at affordable prices. Hence, have a look at Kaufman Furs. In the last 150 years, people from around the world have been banking on the quality and variety of Marc Kaufman Furs to wear fur garments and clothing.

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